Thursday, 29 May 2014

Determined and Sensitive Children

I stumbled upon Mommy Tiffany of Breakfast with Tiffany blog post yesterday. I come to conclude that I have a determined and sensitive children. What about yours? It is indeed important that we know our kid's personalities. Though they are siblings and came from the same parents, they are totally different. It is hard to manage each personalities as they are south and north, east and west. Both are super sweet but they have contrasting powers.

"MARIELLA" (The Determined one)

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She's my eldest daughter. At age 3, she knows now how to do a #selfie and take shots of herself. She loves to tinker on my cellphone until it weakens the battery (Geez! These days kids are so adept to modern technology).

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See how #selfie bring her to amuse herself.

The moment I arrive home from work, one thing that she welcomes me is asking where my cellphone is. I know that as parents we must avoid them from playing with it. That's why I didn't download any games in my cellphone so she won't be stuck up on it the whole time. With this, she can be creative on finding ways to amuse herself, hihihi... She's energetic, thoughtful, friendly and sociable to other kids about her age. It helped that my husband brings her along every morning for a walk in our neighborhood. There she meet the kids and play along with them. She is adored by our neighbors as she is not shy and greets them "Hi" with a smile. When dark day strikes, she has the tendency to become demanding and very insistent. I guess saying "NO" more often is not good also as they take it as a "Yes", tsk3x... Oh well, a parent's struggle.

I noticed that she can be protective to her loved ones. Everytime my husband and I argue on something, she runs to me and hug me. She will tell her papa to stop talking. And when my hubby hugs me and pretend that I get hurt from his hugging tight, she will come in defense of me and backs off his papa. She's also a loving sister to her younger sibling. She loves it that I give her the responsibility to take good care of Nique. I prepare the food of the kids and I asked her to hand me Nique's plate so that I'll put in the food. She then happily serve it to Nique by giving it to the nanny. Same with feeding of milk. She'll instantly give the prepared bottle of milk to her sister. Then she wipes any spillage that comes from her mouth. What a love! I am proud and happy of Mariella that she can be asked a favor now and starting to be an independent girl. She's much tamer now unlike before her tantrums can be overboard. Maybe because she can understand things much better and she can relate to what we are saying to her now. We love her to get some sport as we can see on her that she loves to play around without seeing her getting tired easily.

"NIQUE" (The Sensitive one)

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On to my youngest daughter, Dominique. Nique (pronounced as Nikki) is a charm and a prim-and-proper type of kid. She's very timid and kind of introvert. At almost 2, she captivates everyone with her smile (the most expensive smile it is because she hardly smiles) and now her antics in dancing is such a craze in our house. She can be jolly and talkative (in her own language) when in the mood. But most of the time, she loves to be cuddled and always wants to be embraced by me our her nanny. She's just a calm baby and fond of watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Nothing else. But when her tantrums hits the spot, she'll blow like a crashing thunder even to the smallest things. She'll cry her heart's out to call our attention. Ultra-sensitive is she when you hinder what she is doing or get what she is holding, she'll definitely cry out loud. Or when I put her down just to get something or do something, she'll sit on the floor and cry. When you try to reprimand her on a gentle way, she'll cry. Oh, what a cry baby she is!

Nique is still starting to discover new things around her. She is quite observant and mindful on things. Unlike her older sister, Nique is somewhat risk averse but would like to try on new things she thinks she might be able to carry on.  She can be impatient and irritable on little things that doesn't go her way. One time, she was playing with her stacking cups. When I saw her putting a cup on to the other and it didn't fit in, she pushed and scrambled all the other cups around her.

It's still too early to tell. But I know, as they are grow older they may be able to discover their own unique passion apart form each other and form a character that identifies their own unique personality. #proudmama #talesofaparent #kids

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  1. a normal/healthy growth and development for kids include a properly supervised interaction with each other as a necessary/indispensable part of their daily routine. mariella and nique were like their mother/auntie before.


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