Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Home Staples with a New Twist

I love to reuse old things as much as possible. Being the sentimental person that I am, I quite hoard and hard to let go of things. What I mean about that is as long as it can be put into good use and in the future I'll be needing it even though I hardly remember its existence, why put it to trash? Reality, it can be be a disadvantage too. For one, it will occupy a square of space in your small house. Second, it can be an eyesore and is just collecting dust. Third, others may take advantage of it and can be of good use to them. I stumbled upon the website of Real Simple and Good Housekeeping and found hundred and one ways of new uses for old and unused things which we can found in our home that we don't ever imagine it'll work. View it in the entire links here and here. (All photos below are grabbed from the links of Real Simple and Good Housekeeping sites.)

 photo water-tap-bangles_300_zpsceb3d6eb.jpg
Photo credits here.
I was fascinated with this. To make it more dramatic and true to its purpose,
I thought of putting washi tapes to liven up the tissue holder tube as hair clip and bands holder.

 photo six-pack_300_zps3a3a2140.jpg
Photo credits here.
This is a beer/drink case turned condiments holder.

 photo ipod-accessories_300_zps0c0d174c.jpg
Photo credit here.
Okay, we all have this cassette tapes way back right? So might as well turn it into
a cord or earphone holder of our gadgets. Looks amazing.

 photo ghk-0111-buttons-earrings-05CUb0-lgn_zpsc1b9f2cf.jpg
Photo credit here.
This really grabbed my attention. Seeing those earrings made me remember my missing
South Sea Pearl earrings. It really tore my heart apart. Like it ached and skipped.

 photo ghk-0510-pillowcase-WTBg0F-lgn_zpsa6446ab6.jpg
Photo credit here.
Unused pillowcase are great alternative for securing your precious clothing
for moist and dust that's been sitting in your closet.

 photo ghk-0710-shower-cap-sneakers-LaNZTY-lgn_zps56f40a80.jpg
Photo credit here.
Plastic shower caps are great shoe holder.

 photo ghk1111-penny-lgn_zpsbcde80b5.jpg
Photo sourced here.
Didn't have any idea that coin can make picked flowers perkier in days.

 photo ghk0413-soda-tab-on-hangers-ljccVQ-lgn_zps3bd8038f.jpg
Photo sourced here.
If you look closely on the second hanger that's been hanged on to the first one,
it's an old soda tab that keep it in place. Brilliant ideas right here.

As for me who is a DIY fanatic and an interior designer by heart, keeping these simple tricks in mind can help me maximize things right in my household while lessening trash and Mother Nature at its worst state. I love tinkering things in my abode to make it a cozy home to live in and as simple as these it can make a big difference. Mothers, do you agree with me?


  1. I like the earrings in the buttons idea a! It looks so cute! =)

    1. Very brilliant idea talaga! That one quite interest me..

  2. Oh, These are simple and helpful tips. I love that they are all easy to find materials that we often just dispose!


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