Friday, 9 May 2014

Davao City's Unbelievable Power Outage is Totally Insane

This I think is one of the result of urban development that brought the city to almost 8 hours of rotational blackouts daily. Because of the ever growing number of people migrating in this side of the planet, I think the power supply isn't enough to support everybody's need coupled with the increase of demand for it. Not to mention that it is summer and the heat is fast evaporating the water thus lessening its supply needed to generate power/electricity here in the region. I am sad because the effects of the abuse of Mother Nature is already coming back to us. Eight hours is very ridiculous. It paralyzed a day of working hours. Almost half of the working day is wasted resulting to unproductiveness and idleness. Business is being put to halt and people are being irritable and cause ill-effect to one's mood.

Having said this, there's also a brighter side when inconvenience strikes. People become more inventive as to an immediate solution to this problem. If we wait for a bigger picture of solution to this, it would probably take forever knowing how crab government can act to solve a concern like this. It is really a hassle when there's no electricity. But if I were to choose it's better to have no electricity than to have no water. Agree? Anyway, one great example of being innovative is having an invention of a rechargeable light and electric fan in one package. Two days ago, me and hubby went to a thrift store, Unitop, here in Davao City. When we arrived there, a lot of people flocked and bought rechargeable lights, lamps and even electric fans that almost sold in a flash. I also discovered this fluorescent light that gets its power supply from a car's battery. There are wires attached to it to be connected to the battery so that it can produce light. It's amazing to know there are actually items like this. It's like a panic buying scenario. And mind you, people of all walks of life buy in bulk even the rich. And here's what we got to temporarily ease the burden power interruption and summer heat has caused.

 photo IMG_20140508_205002_zps9e063e20.jpg

Rechargeable light with a fan. Actually, we bought this just because of the fan since there's no available rechargeable fan alone. Although I'm not really sold with the pew of air it blows, I would just settle with it than nothing at all. I have two kids and it is really a discomfort especially in mid day because 1) it's their napping time, 2) it is super hot and humid, and 3) I am concerned of the sweat that cause them to get sick: fever, cough and flu plus rashes. It is really a BIG INCONVENIENCE.

 photo IMG_20140508_205134_zps148e8baa.jpg

 photo IMG_20140508_204856_zps02bea572.jpg

 photo IMG_20140508_204820_zps3abfa757.jpg
The brightness can actually suffice lightening the entire room.

Another purchase we got is this LED light. It can lighten up a dark room.

 photo IMG_20140508_205123_zpsdb13704e.jpg

 photo IMG_20140508_205041_zps20a38855.jpg
See the string attached to it? Pull this and it'll light.

 photo IMG_20140508_205024_zps506945e8.jpg

With this current scenario we are experiencing right now, I told myself, when the time comes that there's already enough power supply and because I'm used to it now, I don't mind having 1-2 hours of daily power interruption should this solve increase in power reserves. With this little sacrifice, in times like this, we should save for emergency purposes such as what is happening here in our city. But having 8 hours of blackouts daily is another issue and is too much to bear. It is worsening our city's claim for the most liveable city here in our country and has ranked in the global stats. It would suffer our potential to become the fastest progressive city we can ever imagine. This calls also for each and everyone of us to conserve energy. We cannot just blame Davao (no) Light and (without) Power Company and National Grid (Greed) Corporation -a term grabbed from my college professor's FB -for all these. We too are responsible for the shortage of our power supply. Irresponsible use of appliance and power eats up the power reserves we have. We have to do our part now to seek for temporary solutions in our own little way while 'hopefully' DLPC and NGC is fixing this problem as soon as possible.


  1. Woah. 8 hours of rotational blackouts is just crazy! Hassle yun especially if you have little kids.

    When I was kid and I used to live in Mindoro, where there were blackouts from time to time, I remember being so thankful for having rechargeable fans and lights!


    1. Very wrong timing pa 'cause it's summer.. kaloka talaga!

  2. Agree! Ang cute naman nung light-slash-fan. Anything for the kids talaga. Ours we bought at Victoria Plaza, but last stock na. In demand!

    1. Same item sayo An? how much mo nabili sa VP?

  3. Hi ate!

    Still remember me? wow seems like ages nung last visit ko dito :)

    Anyways, grabe pala ang rotational blackout jan sa inyo Davao at sa iba pang parts ng Mindanao. I have an online friend living there. Meron din sa CDO at sa Zamboanga City. Hindi ko na rin sila madalas nakikitang nag-o-online dahil siguro sa malawakang blackout jan.

    At least may mga available rechargeable lamps/electric fan na ganyan sa inyo. Very convenient.

    1. Hi Fiel. thanks for the visit. Very dependable ang mga ganito in case of emergencies talaga.


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