Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Not Again Fever!

In a span of 2 weeks, my eldest daughter is down with fever again. Oh no! Another round of seven days antibiotics. That doesn't sound happiness to me when almost every month since the start of the year, my kids are regular clients of the clinic. It's not a fever that will make you complacent but will make you paranoid as a mom. 40°C to be more specific. What makes it scarier was that her nose bleed the other day because of high body temperature. But thankful to God she don't look like being sick or lethargic, lest she was up on her feet playing with her younger sister. I don't know but my instincts would always lead me to go straight to her Pediatrician. No questions ask. I would not wait for three days (that's just too long for me) if the fever is continuous and temperature goes up as high as that. My mother said, which by the way is a retired registered nurse, seizure may be possible if not treated right away or will shoot up. When at home, if high fevers does exist, is to apply whole body sponge bath in cold(but not freezing)-to-tap water and an anal suppository to combat fever that reaches 39 to 40°C. That's what also the pediatrician told me. Anal suppositories are like oral paracetamols. So I stock on Opigesic suppositories in 125mg and 250mg for my 1 year old and 3 year old kids, respectively. So far I've managed to insert it in their anus every night and early morning so I won't be disturbing their sleep when fever is still in and time for their medication. Suppositories are also very affordable in less than P20.00 pesos each. Not quite bad huh?

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Just to add a little happiness to a sad note. #rainbowlooms

I felt that she's traumatic na when I bring her to the medical laboratory or to her Pediatrician, Dr. Joel T. Gallardo. She knows it that she will be again injected to get blood sample on her arms. And that bragging-ly, she will show it thereafter to us, as if she was brave enough to conquer her fears. Today is the start of her real medication. Get well my child. Mama will tirelessly look and take good care of you no matter what.


  1. Hugs Donna.
    Things will get better. Si Aki din, parang monthly nagkakasakit before he turned 3.5 yo. After that, saka lang lumakas ang appetite at di na naging sakitin.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Mommy Maqui. I really love how you spend quality time with your Aki. Naaliw ako with all the activities that you do together. Super praning ako when it comes to the kid's health. Bakit naman hindi, iba na ang effect ng fever nowadays diba.. So hopefully both of them will have stronger immune system na in the near future...

  2. I was touched with the last note. Yah! That's the most that we can do - take care of them aside from wishing na sana we can get those sickness away from them. My baby was 7 month old and had fever couple of weeks ago tapos ngayon naman, coughs and colds. Hayy..

  3. Nose bleeding is pretty scary for us but glad your daughter is doing okay now.


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