Monday, 19 August 2013

The Beauty of Home Care

I love interior design. That is a fact. Why I emphasize its factualness because I'm proud to be one of those few people who appreciate the beauty of home and design and make it a way of living and as a profession. I mean its a rarity when one says I want to be an Interior designer when I finish schooling or when I grow up. Ever since my high school days, I am passionate about beautifying our home and rearranging our furnitures to come up old pieces into a 'not-boring' state. Yes. Having your furnitures re-arranged once in a while gives a new feel and vibe in a space and the furniture itself. It gives an old piece a feel good view once it is positioned on a location where it was once dull. Anyhow, one great home decorating idea and piece I love is sprucing up the space with a carpet. It is a good alternative to giving your space a different angle of elegance and simplicity alongside with wall frames. I find putting knick knacks too chaotic because it may tend to crowd in the place. Having carpet/s in your home makes it homey and vibrant too that is why there's no need to put many decorative pieces that will just collect dust and a lot of time cleaning it.

Speaking of cleaning, this is also the advantage of having carpet as it already beautify ones living space where it can be the focal point to any area of your home. It gives a statement already to an abode as there are a lot of carpet designs and variety to choose from in the market today. No need for putting too much of figurines, vases and stuff. Having such pieces will only give you a lot of time cleaning miniature ones. Like me, I have one carpet and that's the only thing I give my whole time when cleaning my room. I bought it in a thrift shop. I don't know what kind of carpet it is but it gives my room a different good feel. Since it's a light weight carpet, I clean it with warm water and a mild soap then hung it dry. I don't know about heavy duty ones on how to care for it especially those rugs and carpets that of high quality and value like Persian rugs. Those that are made of Wool and Silk I guess has a proper way of restoring and laundering that will still preserve its quality over the years. Then leave it to the experts to prevent and diminish wear and tear easily. They would know how to extend your rugs and carpets shelf life longer especially if its torn and needs repair. Get more info here.

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  1. thanks for this cheek..i love carpets, but hubby is the opposite


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