Tuesday, 20 August 2013

'Maring' Hits Like No Other, Pork Barrel for the Rescue

It was my first time to see on television this morning the nightmare it brought Luzon area particularly Metro Manila and other nearby cities/provinces like Cavite and Laguna to name a few that was devastated by Tropical Storm 'Maring' that hit Philippine territory last Saturday, August 17. I didn't imagine that its destruction is massive and terrible again. Everyday in our household, our television is always tuned in to Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And there's no chance or way we could check the current events happening in the world. Anyway, as I Yahoo-ed and Google-ed today in the internet, there are countless of casualties (while some still not identified) from across regions in Luzon not only in Metro Manila as what I've seen this morning. I lost track of the previous typhoons that previously hit our country before this which is Labuyo in a span of less than a week leaving thousands homeless and families either separated or became casualties. I've seen it first with Ondoy, Sendong in Cagayan de Oro, Pablo in Davao Oriental and then now, Maring. And there's a new typhoon to enter by Wednesday or at most Friday as what I've read in the internet today. I hope it will not be disastrous like Maring (God forbids) or it may swerve to somewhere else and spare us another life threatening event.

 It's never been the same and we, still haven't learned from the past tragedies. It all boils down to destruction of our Mother Nature, our environment. Well, it's not that we took hold of the weather situation or disturbance but if only we try to protect our environment, the aftermath of this so called weather calamities would not have gone this far. If only there's no illegal logging, trees could have protect us from ranging water current or it could have hold the roots that will cause flash floods and landslides. If only there's a proper drainage/sewerage system that will hold the water from spilling in our areas. If only we have learned to recycle, reuse our garbage and put it in proper disposal and use, then we could have save thousands and millions of lives. If only our government officials could have make a good projects like proper drainage system, recycling methods and environmental issues, then maybe it will make a big difference. As corruption in the government tends to blow out once AGAIN, maybe its high time that these government officials stand up not for themselves but for our country. Use our money through the government taxes we are paying through projects that we will enjoy not just now but for the next Filipino generations and not only YOU benefiting from it. After all, we've seen and read those whistle blowers who courageously spilled out detail by detail on how this IDIOT government lawmakers and the governing body abuse its power, even if their lives are at stake. As what my hubby told me, even if it already came out in the open, corruption cannot be completely abolished because they are also the people who will decide to let go or remain the 'Pork Barrel' (anak ng baboy!). The biggest feat for us Filipinos will be to let these corrupt officials surrender against all odds. That we need to pray harder and a miracle to happen. It is not easy for these whistle blowers to speak up for it means their lives and that of their family is in danger. To those who benefited a lot on this 'Pork Barrel' thing, may God be with you. If for this lifetime you enjoy to the fullest, then expect for the worst when you're called up. Good luck na lang sa inyo!

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