Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rejoice and Remain Hopeful, our Nurses!

I read a column from yesterday's local newspaper about our nurses to get higher pay. Hooray and finally it got noticed. 

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Honestly, our nurses are underpaid and over worked here in our country. I know it's their duty of service that comes along with their profession. But suffice to say, they are not well compensated even fairly. I'd say that the population of nurses here in our country varies unpredictably. Unpredictable in the sense that its overpopulation would mean there's no available hospitals or health-related centers that will cater to their service because of no work available or no vacancies thus many are unemployed. Underpopulation in the sense that the highly skilled and qualified nurses are going abroad for a better pay and finding jobs that are not available here in the Philippines thus making our hospitals running out of quality service nurses and they are much needed as to the growing demand of patients. I know, a lot of nurses will be glad on this proposed bill that is brought back for passing. Being away from their loved ones is the last resort our nurses would do in order to proved for their families. It is a big sacrifice an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) can do just to make a beautiful future for their own family. With this great news, a lot of nurses who just settled here on our country will be given jobs and better opportunities for a decent living. 

I hope this will not be passed out once again. It's about time that these said workforce be given of what is due for them. P-Noy, I hope this will not be a promise that will again be drained somewhere else. 

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