Monday, 12 August 2013

Fiba FIlipinas, Almost!

The intensity of the game, the solidarity, the "Puso" (Heart in English) showed by the Team "Gilas" Philippines had got me on my feet  for 3 days until last night. My Facebook feed from my friends a few days back, I just brushed it off until last night. But because basketball game is not my cup of tea, and because my hubby can't stop talking and raving about it then I caved in and watched the finals with him last night. The spirit is indeed contagious and I feel patriotic for that moment when our very own, Team Philippines, proved they have everything in their hands. It was an overwhelming feeling when you are representing for the majority apart from their own selves. It was a joyous celebration for the entire nation even if we got the Silver place. Not bad at all. The last time that the Philippines represent for the World FIBA Basketball Cup was about 40 years ago in the season of Freddie Webb and other notable players at that time. So after many years, it's time indeed to cheer up and be merry. It was a momentous event and I think that our Team "Gilas'  has the edge and should have won. But it's not meant to be. But what's important is they qualify to represent our country and play for the World FIBA Cup to be held in Spain next year.

Let's be hopeful and wishing for another miracle to happen. Long live Team 'Gilas' Philippines! Let the  power shine through.


  1. Kudos to Team Gilas, way to go!

    1. Yes! I hope they'd make it big and different on the World FIBA Basketball Cup.

  2. yey..i am excited to see their game on FIBA


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