Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Baguio, the City of Pines: After a Decade

For the longest time, I've been yearning to come back in the coolest place in the Philippines, Baguio. I'm wondering how's it like today. I can vividly remember the sweet and dusky smell of pine trees that welcomes us, of the hushing cold wind that blows right on my face and the fireplace in every house. I want to experience again walking around the city without worrying of sweat and air pollution that stinks in my face, body and clothes. Whilst, sporting a covered and cozy attire like you're outside the Philippines. It's great to try out the unusual stuff right?

The City of Baguio  (Ilokano: Ciudad ti Baguio; Filipino: Lungsod ng Baguio; Pangasinan: Ciudad na Baguio, according to Wikipedia) is the go-to destination during the summer season here in the Philippines (usually falls on the early months of the year). It was designated by the Philippine Commission as the Summer Capital of the Philippines on June 1903 due to its cool climate and high elevation with temperature at around 8 degrees Celsius with an average temperature ranging from 15 to 23 degrees Celsius. Apart from the cold temperature, strolling around the place where everywhere you have a view of pine trees that relaxes oneself. I feel fresh and sweet. What's great is you can never see establishments and houses that has air conditioner as well as taxi cabs. You can't see one in there. Lest a fire place is a staple in every household. Cool noh? And energy saver too!

Some of its known and long-time tourist attraction when in there is the Mansion, The Burnham Park, the Mines View Park, Camp John Hay among others. The Session Road is where all the buzz is happening. It's the center of trade and life of the city. I love their thrift shops (the ukay-ukay), their strawberry and ube jam, their flavorful cornicks (dried corn bits), their hand woven handicrafts are some my the favorite stuff and memories in Baguio.

Maybe now they have a lot of tourist destinations. I'm excited for our planned vacation with hubby. We're thinking too of bringing our 2 year old daughter along. It will be her first airplane ride. I wonder what will be her reaction. I bet she'll have a good time as well as my husband. He has never set his foot there so I suggest that we should proceed to Baguio instead. Hubby smiled with agreement. So off to Baguio soon! Any suggestions where to stroll and visit new attractions in there?

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  1. mmm.....i haven't gone there :(
    enjoy your vacay


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