Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Unbelievable Truth

What will you do if you have no money (literally speaking) on hand, in bank or those who you can run to whenever the need arise? Very grueling and tough huh! This is the biggest feat a man face in order to sustain for the remaining days until the next payday. Talking about survival of the fittest huh?! This is where your faith is challenged and so do you mental and intuitive ability. This is where your hope is tested and your personality is defined. This is where you can get to experience the phrase..."when you least expect it." Life has it's profound way of giving you a push and a pull of your whole being and make use of God's given ability in order to surpass life's challenges.

Just this morning, on our way to office, we saw again this mentally ill person roaming around the streets. It's his usual route because we always see him. Even if he's dirty, no bath and almost no cover on his body (except for his bottom), he still wears his big and genuine smile. I don't know why mentally ill person always smile. It's as if they don't have problems at all. I told my hubby even if he don't have any means of living, no money, no shelter and no family, he still survived. He don't have any qualms in life. He is the living proof that God works in mysterious ways. He too, like us, is blessed. Why and how? It's like he has faith. He never worries what and where to eat later or tomorrow. In our modern world, good Samaritans still do exists. I assume he is given food from people along the way. Because if not, he's dead by now. One time, we saw him strutting a new haircut. (Pogi na si kuya!) Whereas, us, who live a more decent and comfortable life compared to him has a lot of concerns and issues to take care of. We worry a lot. And my hubby told me, "In short, we are the ones making our lives complicated'. If we choose to live simply and according to our means, then we make our lives hassle and stress free. That's just it. Beautiful things in life are meant to be free.

I realize too that in times of hopelessness and nothingness, a good talk with your loved ones does take all worries away. It's a great bonding and reflection time not only for oneself but also for the both of you as a couple. My hubby always assure me that as long as we have each other and the kids, we're okay. I believe in him.

P.S. I equate nothingness to simplicity. Having nothing is not about empty-handed, it's just making lives as simple as it can be, less as possible. Talking about material things huh!?


  1. nice example girl..heheh..you're right..sometimes or most of the time we complicate things even if it is not necessary


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