Thursday, 15 August 2013

Going Beyond Your Limits

I'm known by many as a sweet, demure, introvert, home-buddy, almost a kill-joy, not breaking rules, obedient, dependent, (almost) sinless, soft-spoken, peaceful lady. With all the characteristics I've mentioned, I can be qualified for being a nun. I'm the shy type of person and I can stay inside the house most of the time. I'm no party-goer and night life is not my cup of tea. In short, I'm a late bloomer. I've never had a boyfriend during my entire school days. A lot attempted but I didn't entertained. Yes, and I'm not bragging because it is true. In my elementary days, some high school guys show interest on me but I find it awkward. I remembered one guy said, through my teacher then, he'd wait for me when I'm at age. Until I reached high school, there were college guys who courted me even a lesbian. I appreciated all these people giving me so much special attention. In my yearbook, I was tagged as the Helen of Troy. That's nice to hear huh! But I was not going beyond my principle then because it's my choice. I'm always at the safe side. I'm not a risk-taker because I know the consequence of it. I know that if I'd fall hard, my studies would be at stake. I so respect my parents, though they do not enforce. There were things I would like to try then but I put some limitations to myself. It's not about depriving myself but just staying away from possible addiction.

Yes. There were some things I regret not doing but in the long run I told myself it's better late than never. In my own time, I can enjoy it and at my own pace and not because everybody is doing it. I've proven myself right that other's fun and happiness may not be applicable to mine. Yes, I do go out with friends for fun and catch up once in a while but not as often as other people like my age. I'm not a bore as what you are picturing me now. It's just I'm settled and preferred staying at home rearranging stuff in the house. But I've grown and changed now but not totally. I try doing stuff that I think it's time for me to experience. I told yah I'm a late bloomer.

As I began to explore the life ahead of me after graduating from college, I was determined enough to know what is going beyond ones limitations. It's not about doing this and there without thinking its pros and cons. But needless to say, I'm quite confident that whatever happens it's for my own growth.  I'm making my own niche in the society. One of the biggest decision I made so far is going to a foreign land where I don't no anyone. It was a test for myself on how I far I could go, that I can be independent away from my parents' shadow, to learn things by myself and be able to stand up for my decisions. It was a complete turn around. And I never ever regretted doing that because I feel free, independent and somewhat accomplished.

The ones young naive lady is now stronger and can break a heart, hurt and can say the darnest things, do some things that before I try to not risk. It's the only way to learn life. Of course, it's not that I mean it. But there are some things that you know that it's worth trying and some would not like it. I'm just living my life the way I want it to be.

Good vibes. Happy Weekend!

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  1. in fact, we ourselves create limits for ourselves, nice share post keep happy blogging always :-)


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