Monday, 22 April 2013

Ultimate wishlists for 2013

Each and everyone of us has goals every new year. I do not have goal lists in particular but this year I feel that this is worth something looking forward too. Even if 3 months has passed already I still can feel that this year is something good for me. Good vibes, positivity mode: on! Well, I have so many things I wanna have and to achieve may it be materially, spiritually, emotionally and physically (literally!) For one, I already enrolled my self in Zumba classes which I see myself to be healthy this year to start off everything. Because being able to move and actively participate in such health and wellness program promotes positive vibes and a good aura on oneself and to the people around. I believe being healthy in mind, body and spirit makes one a happy person. Would you agree?

So, here's my ultimate wishlists/ goals for year 2013. I am listing 10 of my possible and make-it-happen things. I still have more than 10 but those are still impossible to achieve for now unless I make a bet in lotto and win the jackpot. So here it goes:

1. Good health: for myself, my family and loved ones. Staying fit and healthy. Hitting it with Zumba! A living proof below.

2. Starting to bake with the right kitchen gadgets. I do not have the necessary baking stuff yet to start especially the oven. I'm still scouting affordable yet quality oven. Tried and tested is La Germania. Do you have others in mind? Please do share.

3. Paint our extension at the back of our house that serves as our dining area and kitchen. My Kitchen color inspiration would be like this. A splash of orange hue is what I like. This color for me signifies warmth and country feel. I had our floor in black tiles for a change. The granite counter top has an orange, gray, white and black pigments. Then, I'm planning to have the color of the cabinets in orange and the walls would be all white.

4. Customized living area set that will serve as a toy bin for my kids toys. I plan to have our living area as a play den too. This design is inspired from KC Concepcion's bench which serves also as storage cabinet. Call it multi-functional for a small space like we have.



5. Change our bedroom bed to this. Love this trundle bed. Very space efficient. My kids are sleeping with us and our current bed is the queen size. Can't fit for 4 of us.

I love that it's from Mandaue Foam.

6. Materially, I want to have these items from Taste Central and Zalora:
  • Roxy Jam regular watch. It's only 1,465.00 (51% off)
  • Starter cookware 12-pc. set (Tools of the trade). Though I already have 2 sets of non-stick pans. I want to have stainless steel pans. Only P2,865.00.
  • Shoes. Lots of them! Saw some chic and affordable ones at Zalora.
7. A South-sea pearl earrings. My husband gifted me 2 years ago but I misplaced it. I don't know if I was the one who lost it or that my previous helper got it. That costs thousands of pesos. I was guilty of losing it. 

8. For my kids, I want to cloth diaper them all through out until they know how to use the toilet. Right now, my 6-month old baby is using Bamboo Dappy and Baby Leaf diaper cloth. They are very practical, convenient, environment-friendly, safe and very effective! Currently, I have 4 cloth diapers but it's still not enough. Planning to buy 4 more. It's a bit expensive from the start because you still have to invest some of it (Price ranges from 300 to 600). But in the long run, you can save thousands! I encourage mommies out there to try it!

9. Online business. Planning to sell brand new, second-hand clothes, accesories and shoes and some Ukay finds.

10. And lastly, for this blog of mine to inspire and contribute a lot of information to the people in blogosphere. Moreover, I wish that my blog will earn financially and will caught some attention to advertisers, sponsors and partners as venue of their products and services advertisements (cross fingers!). All over, I pray and hope that I will be a successful blogger for the year 2013. Why not?

All these I pray in Jesus name, AMEN... Of course all these are material things. But more so, these things are part of enjoying the best of life that God has offered and these depends also on His will for me. He knows what's best for me. And that I remain faithful and trusting.


  1. Hala! San yang starter cookware na yan? Taste Central?

    1. Hi Marie!

      Yes. Taste Central! gustong-gusto ko na sya i-buy kaso out of the budget pa ang beauty.. buy mo, then tell me how nice it is..;)


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