Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Blog-Inspired! Blog with Purpose


Subject is coined from Dainty Mom's Martine blog (read her related post here). She is one of the mom bloggers I follow and reads daily on her journey of being a mom, wife, entrepreneur and a woman rolled in one. She and some of her fellow mom bloggers in her circle are living testaments of the Woman in this generation. I so admire them and inspired by them and hope to be like them in my own little way.

About 5 years ago, I came to know about blogging from my officemate. Up to now, they are still into it and earning thousands already from it. They have a number of material possessions which they got from earning extra income in blogging. That is on a regular basis. The word "earning" which for me is synonymous to money and financial abundance is the key word for me to try blogging. But it wasn't until 2 years ago, I finally gave it a shot. It was at that time I got married then after 6 months got pregnant. Then gave birth to my baby M, hired 2 household helpers at almost at the same time and so on and so forth. That means I need to earn extra bucks for my growing family including our helpers. Then last year I gave birth to my second baby N. With hubby and mine's meager salary, it doesn't compensate to our monthly expenses at home. So I welcomed blogging in my life for real.

Starting from scratch, it was kind of difficult for me. I'm not a writer neither my heart is in it. It was difficult for me thinking of what to write. Actually it's simple because you can make stories out of the things you see around. But my concern is its content. You cannot just make stories out of nothing. Would this topic be readable? Will this interest readers? Will I earn right away? With this questions and more, my main goal is really the need to earn money. I was already getting impatient plus enrolling myself in Google Adsense adds more to my pressure. Plus the fact that my officemate is getting assignments left and right from advertisers, I was very envious already. Good for me that this blogger officemate of mine is very determined for me, encourages me more and inspires me to just wait and Thy (God) will be done. And so after almost 6 months of diligently and painstakingly visiting other blog sites, I was approved by Google Adsense and little by little earning in cents. But my journey doesn't end there.  It still boils down to what will I write. Questions are running in my mind then. Will this thing be just visiting sites and dropping hi's and hello's for your site to be visited back by them as well? What's the purpose? Actually it works but there's more to it than just passing by like a speed of lightning. Then I asked again how will somebody want to visit your site if it doesn't have interesting things or informative topic on it?

Then came the caption, Blog with Purpose. Blogging is not just visiting sites, its also reading what's inside to be educated and to be aware and informed of the social scene and it's about making a content with substance. Believe it or not, you can learn from them and then you can envision what goal you have for your blog in relation to their own blog. They may not have the best blog but you can learn from them. I see them as effortless and it transcends beyond what I see in my own PC monitor. They are real and true. They are confident with themselves and selfless. They are free and unassuming. Bloggers are like teachers also.

Reflection: Blogging is not only meant for writers (literally!). We are writers of our own life. We write what we ought to be. We make it happen. So by blogging keep it real. Keep it simply YOU. Don't be like a copycat. It's very natural to admire blog spots that have very colorful and beautiful page, very nice sentence and word formation.  Just make these blogs/ bloggers an inspiration that you will also inspire other people. You are already inspired by them and keep in mind to spread that inspiration to others. I am not an expert on blogging yet but these are my realizations. With the earnings, it's still hand-in-hand with my reason why I blog. However, I believe doing good and great things the money will just follow. Good things comes to those who patiently wait ('ika nga!).

I am making a post using her own caption because indeed I am blog-inspired. I am blogging because I want to showcase and motivate myself to be ME, to inspire, to share to others what I can give and impart with a purpose. Apart from getting new friends, I am learning and educated. It refreshes my knowledge for being out of school for more than a decade already (it means obsolete na ang stored knowledge ko). I feel free and good about myself while expressing my heart's content.  I cannot believe I've made this realizations. It's so good and I felt good! Every night when I go to sleep, I keep on thinking what to write. But this time it's not hard anymore. More so, it over flows already that my mind cannot embrace everything. I put key words on my phone so I won't forget (hehe!). That's the power of wisdom that transcends beyond myself. Thank you Lord for the gift of life.

And thank you Martine! I hope and I know someday you will come across this post of mine and that I can take on this course with you if you happen to extend your blog-inspiration here in the livable city of Davao. I AM BLOG-INSPIRED BY YOU!


  1. I wanted to join the workshop, but when I checked, the slots were all filled! Hopefully next time maka-join ako.

    Kim of Mom On Duty

    1. Hi Mommy Kim!

      Good for you kasi accessible ka with the famous mom bloggers activities. nkaka inggit nga yung mga activities nyo dyan. from Expo mom tapos momtuition and others pa. Thanks for dropping by my page. ALways my support.

  2. Hello again. Im here and try getting lots of inspiration from bloggers like you. I also wanted to be inspired and blog more and be blessed with blog s of others.

  3. wow girl..i'm flattered..anyway..thank you..this is one way to express our thoughts in words, right?..someday you will be earning like me. mwah

  4. Girl if not with your persistence, patience and positivity I will not be inspired and encouraged to just express my thoughts and to be confident about it. Thank you!

  5. This is a BEAUTIFUL reflection, and I'm so glad that the Blog Inspired credo resonated with you. Hope to see you in the next one (whenever that is, haha!)

    1. Hi Martine!

      Thanks for reading my reflection. You and the team made a big difference in myself for convincing me to come out in my shell. Thank you and I'm honored that you had the time to read my blog. More power to you!


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