Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy Wifie

Thank goodness! I saw the 3rd flick of Miggy & Laida love story. If you're still clueless, ewan ko na lang kung sa'ng lupalop ng Pilipinas ka nakatira. Even though there are some scenes that's kind of cheesy and hard to incorporate in reality, still it has some valuable lessons I would like to bear in mind and apply it to my daily life. Above it all, it taught me and made me realize that I have lots of things that I didn't let my husband experience as a hands-on wife. Because I am so absorbed on my mommy duties, normally wives tend to take the wife-y role a backseat. I am very guilty on this. Just this morning, since I was so inspired on that movie, "It Takes A Man and A Woman," I had to make a step to serve my husband and do the wife-y duty. Actually, my husband just want me to prepare a good tasting food that comes with a cup of coffee in the early morning. That's around 5am. He wants me to accompany him. But everyday I'm so caught up with the 2 kids waking up at the same time as I am suppose to prepare that to my hubby. My eldest don't want me to go out of bed yet and she wants us to have cuddling moment. But just this morning, I had the time to prepare a healthy sandwich meal to my husband even if both of my kids are awake already. What I did was turn on the video of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and that glued their attention on the TV and not to me (yehey!). Immediately, I prepared the food which consists of a wheat bread, ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce topped with ketchup and mayo. That's it! A few minutes later, hubby arrived from jogging and gobbled up 2 sandwiches which he told me if I do this everyday to him, he'll be a happy hubby! That makes me a happy wife-y today!

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