Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Favorite Things

Foreword: A prologue of my post "Ultimate Wishlist for 2013". This will be a series of posts. Like a saga, by chapter and the like. For sure, in my everyday exposure to blog, the World Wide Web (www) and my daily personal encounters, I will have endless of favorite things and wishlists that will build up through time.

My previous post was all about my wishes for this year. But as time goes by I know it will be multiplied as I get to be aware of the most coveted things one has. I blame the power of Blogger and the World Wide Web. I know it is not their fault but simply because having something new on-hand is like being an achievement for me. I work hard for it and I deserve to have it. Not just for my own need but for my family's need that I think they deserve to have.

In just a matter of hours, I am adding up my cart of favorite things on my wishlist. I have 2 new wants.

1. Aquasana Complete Countertop Filtration System. This for me is the best I can give for myself and family. Safety for me is one of my top priority. In this time that our water and water system is not that potable anymore even if I'm living in a place where it has the 2nd cleanest potable water in the whole world (2nd to Italy and I don't know if it's still until today), rapid development and abuse of our environment makes everything polluted. I'd like to have a clean and safe drinking water right in my own faucet at home and straight into my stomach without any worries. The thing is expensive though but for me it's already affordable knowing that it can benefit my family a lot.

2. Panasonic Lumix LX-5. I have my own Sony Cybershot DSC-S700 series (I'm going to sell it) but I'd love to get a new one and replace it with this Lumix LX-5. I love that it has white color. I saw this in Mommy Michelle's blog. I am inspired and admire her for being a multi-faceted woman. Her and so many moms in her circle I support daily and read each of their own blogs about parenthood, family and being a woman of this age. Any how, What do you think of this?

How about you, do you have favorite things and wishlists too? Until my next!...


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