Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Pamper myself!!

I am stressed out. I feel that I have to pamper myself. From the time that I was still expecting my first child (not so long ago) things have changed about everything that I routinely do. I am limited of my physical activities since I don't want to put pressure also myself especially my baby. With all the physical and emotional changes that I've been through during the 9-month period, I think I deserve to satisfy myself and feel good about being Me. Now that my Mariella is born, I am more restricted to doing my usual stuff. Of course, there's nothing more fulfilling than being a mom and being able to see my Mariella respond to us and to see the many expressions she has right now. Now I know that being a mother and a wife is not an easy role to play. Aside from that you have to be a mother 24/7, I should also be a wife 24/7. And as a woman who also have a career on the other side, we should be calling ourself a Superwoman!

It is a 360-degree turn from being a carefree and selfish person to a selfless person I am today. Because I now focus on the needs of the house, my husband and my Mariella, I forgot to take care of myself anymore. It is already a luxury for me the sleeping hours, the going to the malls for a walk and to where I would want to go to relax like going on facials and body massage like I used to. How I wish could turn back time! Not that I wish there's no Mariella, no family that I have now. They are irreplaceable, of course. But how I wish I could go for relax mode and to have a Me-time. If I am given a chance to wish infront of a genie, it would be: one whole day in a spa (whole body massage and scrub, facials, sauna), getting a new hairdo that perfectly fits my frame, and a complete wardrobe make-over..

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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