Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I love chocolates! It not only brings life to my taste-buds but it affects my current state of mind. Every time I take bite and munch of it, it brings me in Cloud 9 (remember the chocolate?). Ever since I was a kid, I have a sweet tooth already. And as years go by, it became my savior to my depression, stress and worries in life. Oh how I love chocolates! The more I got to have a love of it after that Nescafe coffee TV commercial said that caffeine is good for the health and is a source of healthful antioxidants to our body. The fact that chocolate especially the dark one (which I truly love) is rich of antioxidants and is made up also of caffeine. But of course, too much of everything is not good for the health.

I have a hang up for chocolate nowadays because recently every time my boss returns from his trip he has this particular chocolate he gives us cased in a mini can holder that is nice to have it as collection. The name is Godiva in dark chocolate. It's like a bean that is easy to pop in the mouth. No messy grinds of chocolate when eaten. I can secretly pop in my mouth during office hours and not be seen by my boss eating it ;-). I can even finish it in one sitting!

Oh how I love chocolates!

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  1. oh..can you give me one of those next time? heheheheh

    nice post..i love chocolates too


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