Thursday, 17 November 2011

One year with Mariella

My Mariella's birthday is coming and I still don't have anything prepared yet like scouting for the perfect venue for the event. Of course I want it to be special since it will be her 1st birthday. I thought of having a "Tangled"-themed party. Tangled is a cartoon movie similar to Rapunzel. When my Mariella is still a couple of months old, we used to play the DVD of Tangled we borrowed from her cousin, Ella. Remembering how she focus her eyes on the television set, it inspired me and my husband to let it be her 1st birthday theme.

Being a mom, I am particular of giving the best for my daughter. But with limited budget, I want it also to be simple and for everybody to enjoy good food and to celebrate with us the joys we have when Mariella is already here with us. Nonetheless, in search for the perfect things on her birthday, I just wish that above all else, God will always be with my daughter; to have a good health, always be cheerful, to have respect in us as her parents and to know that with God everything is possible.

We love you Mariella and I thank God for the perfect gift He has given me and my husband; and that is our daughter!

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