Friday, 18 November 2011


I am truly at awe by those moms who juggle multiple roles in their lives. It is not very easy at all doing a lot of things just to be able to cater the needs of the entire household not to forget also taking care of our own self. As a mom for less than a year and a wife for almost 2 years now, I find it totally worthy the stress, the pains and the sacrifices I have put into my family. And looking at these mompreneurs, I am totally inspired by how they were able to manage their own time by having their own household to look at, plus an 8-5 career, taking care of their children, having a husband to take care too and having a business which they find it the "de-stresser" of their very hectic schedule.

I myself find it interesting to have an online business which I like at the same time earning additional income for my family's needs and mine as well. As I said in my previous post, "My Passion", I like working in action. I find this a challenging experience because aside from earning I get to meet a lot of mompreneurs too and learn from them. Becoming a "mompreneur" is a wish for me for now. I just hope that I will be given an opportunity to experience the wonderful world of being a "mompreneur".

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