Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Why do people always make the same mistakes over and over again? Is it valid that reasons will always be 'because we are only humans'? Most of the time we take it like a stride and because we are only humans, it is okay to make the same faults. I do admit I make also the same mistake. Sometimes, on purpose; on other times unintentional. Sorry is a very strong word yet people just take it for granted and used it like a crap; like to ease only the people you hurt and half the sincerity on saying it.

You can never really judge a person by how he reacts on certain issues in life. Maybe, just maybe, for cover up. These situations tests our faith, our own principles. But how are we able to face such realities that will never change our integrity and dignity as a person. I could never imagine a person doing wrong while he is conscious and mature enough to know that what he is doing is never right, at all! Hello karma? Are you there?

We must be of constant reflection to our self and to strengthen our relation to God through prayers to be able to surpass life's constant challenges.

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