Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Passion

When I was in my late secondary years, I am fond of looking at people work in fast pace. I like looking at architects, interior designers, fashion designers work in action. That's when I decided to take up interior designing when I finished high school. I am so excited that I already decided to study in Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) in Manila. But I was disappointed knowing the tuition fee that time. I cannot afford it plus knowing that Manila is so expensive to live in. My time is running out and I should be deciding on what course to take in college.

Anyway, my eyes glued to every art & design magazines I encounter (interior and fashion designs to be exact). My eyes and mind is feasting to every work of art I read. I envy people of their own creations and wishing to be like them in the near future. In their own self I like seeing how composed, beautiful they are, enjoying every master piece they've completed. To my own evaluation, they made themselves beautiful when they love what they're doing. And that's what I love in designing.

To my frustration of not getting what I want to be, my only consolation was cutting, collecting artclips/issues from the newspapers and buying magazines of it. I asked may papa to get me everyday issues of newspapers containing it and I'm happy that papa is supporting my "wishing-to-be-an-interior-designer" ambition. Not knowing that I had boxes of it since I started collecting in 1996. I love it when I constantly browse it in my free time. It gives me a feeling of high seeing beautiful images. Now that I have no time anymore of scanning the news, good thing that internet gives me full information of new innovations about interior designs, fashion and beauty updates that until now I remember that once I enjoyed giving my pleasure a taste. Still I am an interior designer by heart!

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