Friday, 22 November 2013

#TBT: Snail Mailing

LATE POST. It's better late than never.

I wouldn't hold this for so long. Not until next Thursday. I've been busy this week preparing to send out Christmas cards from my boss for his business associates, friends and relatives here and abroad. And I'm very ecstatic about it since in today's age, we are very much equipped with technologies that means faster delivery of communication and service. Sending letters and cards in a traditional way have decreased over the years and the faster way to send greetings is by electronic mail like e-cards and text message or a personal call are great options. In a matter of seconds, not even a minute, we can relay messages in an instant. Thanks to the world wide web, cellular phones, telephones, laptops/computers and the digital era. It makes life much accessible, effortless, environment friendly (paperless), fast and convenient. I couldn't imagine if we still live in a turtle-like pace.

However, I miss those times that we make personal notes whether through a card or a letter. I see it as something special, unique, made out of love and with so much affection and emotion to it. It still has a sentimental value for me receiving stuffs like that. Till this very day, I still keep those personal notes (letters or cards) that I've received before from loved ones. I actually get "kilig" all over again reading those letters/ cards I got from suitors (hahaha... dead me!). Seriously, it makes me reminisce beautiful feelings of importance and appreciation by reading those written notes especially made for you.

Every year, we always support Hallmark cards in their vision of L.I.F.E. (which stand for Leukemic Indigents Fund Endowment). For every order we get from their catalogue of cards, we helped in their vision by helping cancer patients. See photos below their 2013 collection catalogue.

 photo IMG_20131122_130132_zps092ab6e0.jpg

 photo IMG_20131121_180616_zpsf2e878e1.jpg

 photo IMG_20131121_180636_zpsbeb76107.jpg

 photo IMG_20131122_123902_zps741b92b1.jpg

 photo IMG_20131122_123916_zps299127c7.jpg

 photo IMG_20131122_123932_zps570d1aa5.jpg

 photo IMG_20131121_180507_zps7971510d.jpg
For this year, we chose this design. Isn't it cute?

For many years now, we've supported Hallmark not only because they've been supporting for a cause but because the quality of their cards is very good and note worthy. They use thick cardboard for their cards and the material is glossy finish on the outer and a matte texture inside. They use a separate sheet for the message which you can personalize. For us, I asked them not to paste on the separate sheet so I can still add details on the card and print it by myself. However you can request them to have it glued it on the card itself. Minimum order they have is 100 cards. #Hallmarkcards #seasonsgreetings2013 #wellwishes

Nothing beats the traditional way. What do you think?


  1. In this day and age, I also like sending and receiving mail the "old school" way. Makes it more personal, and yes, like you I still keep them letters and cards.

    1. I still remember same feelings when I first read it. Lakas maka flashback

  2. Oh, I didn;t know about this by Hallmark! I'm so interested, kaya lang wala pa naman akong 100 na pagbibigyan. :-(

    1. Oo nga eh! 100 kasi minimum orders nila. okay lang sana if 50, pwde na. I am fond of their designs plus you can help pa by buying them. Nice quality pa rin talaga. Mabuhay ang Hallmark

  3. i can understand how you feel about snail mail, it's much sweeter and more sincere. now that you gave me an idea, maybe i would send personal cards this Christmas, hehe!

    1. That's true. nothing beats the traditional way


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