Saturday, 9 November 2013

Cool Kitchen Finds: Sponge Pocket

I've been following Ms. Jackie Go of Go! Jackie Go for the reason that her blogging style is that every mother needs to know and should be. Her blogging style is very versatile and I can relate to it very much. She recently posted on her blog on her purchases here from Qrius. It is a one stop online shop basically that provides home accessories suited for your lifestyle and quirky needs. One of her purchases caught my attention. It is their soap pocket which you can view it here for a complete details on the product. It cost around P500.00 for a single pocket. It is quite pricey and even more pricier if you get it online and add the shipping fee. Right? So thankfully when I pass by Ace Hardware last night I saw similar product and it cost only Php150.00 to a less than P300.00 pesos only depending on the kind of material for a single sponge pocket. Quite a deal right? It comes in a plastic and rubber like design.

 photo IMG_20131107_183526_zpsaf773c3d.jpg
Single sponge pocket.

 photo IMG_20131107_183511_zps80acf98f.jpg
These are double sponge pockets that comes in various styles.

The photo above is another design with different styles. On the left side, is a double sponge holder in single pocket that is around P250.00 pesos. In the middle and the right side is made of rubber that doubles the holder and is good if you have double basin sinks. Take a good and closer look on the photo to understand what I mean. It is made of rubber and cost around P400.00. It's quite a steal already! I saw also another kind that doubles a soap dispenser and a sponge holder in one that costs around P500.00. I'm coming back for this. 

You love it? What are your cool kitchen finds? Share naman mommies...

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