Thursday, 7 November 2013

Overwhelming Christmas Spirit

Ever since I was a kid, the most anticipated season for me aside from summer and my birthday is Christmas. I don't know why but the rush of excitement, merriment and happy feeling is there overflowing within me. They say Christmas is for the children. But I say it is for young and adults alike. Up until now, when I see decorated houses and establishments, I can feel the air of joy transmitted to each and everyone. When exchanges of Christmas greetings are said, I feel warmth and calmness. It is indeed true that the spirit of Christmas is more than just the material things sprawled in front of us where there is abundance. It is found within us because it's Jesus and it's all about him why we celebrate the most merriest time of the year. I give credits to my parents as well because they made our Christmases a season to celebrate, be happy and a season for thanksgiving. They made us believe and experience Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, exchange gifts, Christmas carols and songs, Christmas shopping, malls, vacation, reunions, feasting with family, relatives and friends. Those are fondest memories of my holidays and it feels so good being around with these things, events and people.

Oh yes! I still giddy thinking of those until now but growing up, I find the essence of Christmas more meaningful than what I have in mind. It is more on giving happiness to others, sharing to others, wishing well for others and thanksgiving. More on that material stuff, what's more important is the one that cannot be found visible to the eyes but it is where we find happiness and goodness in our own midst. I wish that people would have this thinking everyday that everyday is Christmas. Lakas maka #goodvibes and you can't find bad blood to each other; everyone exchanging good words to each other and good wishes for the season. Even friend-nemies take a break and just be merry. Ang saya isipin na ganito na lang lagi ang mentality ng tao so that everybody happy. Wish ko lang! So to you guys, let us make this season a wonderful time to celebrate with our loved ones and share blessings.

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Photo NOT mine.

Before ending my post, a tropical storm is set to hit our country in a couple of hours now. Aside from preparing for our needs and precautions heightened, please arm yourselves with prayers that no massive destruction will take place and that God will shield us from harm. We pray that God will give us this gift of safety and protection in time for Christmas. May God bless our country, Philippines! Stay safe everyone.

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