Monday, 4 November 2013

Holidays and the Panic-buying mode

The long weekend is over and the right moment to start looking forward to the Christmas season after the much anticipated Halloween and Trick or Treat celebrations is already here. Traditionally, Halloween and Trick or Treat events is not very much celebrated here in our country.  Unlike in other countries, here in the Philippines, it is more on commemorating our departed ones who have gone ahead of us. It is normally celebrated by going to the cemetery where they are buried and offer prayers for them. Now that I have my own kids, I enjoy the Trick or Treat celebrations that is widely and is starting to kick off here in the Philippines. I'm now looking forward to every Halloween celebrations because it makes the kids happy by just getting treats and by dressing very cute and not so scary costumes for the little ones.

Anyways, have you started to decorate your homes for the Yuletide season? For me, I haven't done it yet. I'm looking forward to decorating this weekend. For our household, we decided not to put up yet a Christmas tree mainly because my kids are still in their toddler years. The tree might end up dismantled or out of form before the Christmas time approaches. So to spruce up and feel the spirit of Christmas, I just put decorative Christmas pieces like socks and hats at our bedroom door and put a Christmas wreath in our living area adorned with lights and decors. It still is very nice and it won't occupy space in our little abode. Another thing that I'm looking forward too, excites me the most and adds a little pressure on me is 'shopping for the holidays' bring. Not so much of a bad pressure because shopping is No stressful (I enjoy and LOVE the 'stress' it brings) unless it's a hurried one and you don't have any idea on what to give. I know you're feeling the same as mine. Thinking of stuff to give for this particular person is definitely one brain wrecking thing especially if you do the holiday shopping rush. Not only this brings a head ache and body aches (you know what I mean) but more so on the time wasted and the unnecessary spending it entails. So to make it easier for me, as early as now (for some they made a little shopping as early as October), I made a list on who to give and what to give. That's my first step. It eases me a bit seeing my list because I categorized it. I started with the immediate family, relatives and friends. I have ideas in mind what to give for some even if I haven't completed it yet. But that's okay at least, I won't be cramming that much. By doing this, you'll have a smooth shopping spree and it won't waste your time looking for what item to give. It's easier, faster and convenient when you know what items to buy. Another shopping option is purchasing online. This is very easy, reliable, convenient and stress-free because you just select what item to buy right in your own nest. Actually, I just ordered na for Christmas presents (hehehe). It's also good to buy in bulk so you can make use of the flat rate in shipping fee for a number of items already. I'm so excited for the real shopping experience to happen. For an employee like me, the partial 13th month pay is in less than 15 days from now. I'm sure the malls are packed by that time for Christmas shopping and some are have a 'sale' going on.

I'm not in a panic mode now. But the buying I guess is still panicky. Crossing my fingers that I'd be able to fully complete my Christmas gift shopping before December starts. How about you guys, have you started to shop for Christmas? If yes, where can you recommend good, affordable buying sites (may it be online or shops) that sells Christmas gift items for all ages? Please do share. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year ahead!

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  1. True!

    Happy Holidays to you and to your family! :)


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