Monday, 18 November 2013

I SEEKed THE UNIQ for Christmas

I have a few weeks left to do some Christmas shopping to give for my loved ones. It's no easy task to think and look for gifts especially if it is for someone dearest and special to you, right? Everytime Christmas comes, I always rush in buying presents and joining in the mad crowd. It's so tiring and stressing plus you could not think of better ideas. I end up not buying the right thing for the specific person though not always all the time. Good thing that online shopping is the way to go nowadays and I find it very convenient and accessible. I came across Ms. Daphne's blog here and I got interested. I've never been so much of a cologne or perfume person. All that I have are gifts given to me. So for a change, I want to give scents this Christmas. It would be hard to give on clothes, bags, shorts and all the basic stuff because they already have it. Getting online with these purchase excites me more as I went into Seek the Uniq's website here. Here's my ordered items.

 photo IMG_20131118_150223_zps9dab6135.jpg
My orders are safely packed in a very "Uniq" way. I love that it is very personalized.

 photo IMG_20131118_152113_zpsbc9a2673.jpg
These are for me (Left: Eau de Cologne) and for my kids (Right: anti-mosquito baby cologne)

I wouldn't divulge on what's inside the package because it contained the gifts that I'll be giving. I won't spoil the surprise. Their scents are from France so I'm getting a good buy for an affordable price. It's not cheap in quality and the scents indeed is not overpowering and stinging to the nose. Very light, fresh and heavenly! Definitely one "uniq" find. #christmasgift #vanity #scents


  1. I love light fragrances. Those are perfect as Christmas gifts.

    1. You should try Ms. Pepper. I did spray on the scent I bought for me. very fresh!

  2. A very nice gift idea, thanks for this reco!

    By the way, i added you through GFC

  3. Hi Donna! Thanks for following my blog on GFC and google plus. I already returned the favor :)

    About daphne's blog. it's been a while since i visited her domain. I might check it soon because of this post. Have a great day!

  4. one generous gal right here. ♥

    thanks for dropping by my blog. just followed you! :)

  5. I like the packaging of your goodies.


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