Thursday, 14 November 2013

On Yolanda's Aftermath

It's almost a week after the raging super typhoon hit Central Philippines that left thousands in doom. Our country has been the headlines on television, radio, print ads and the social media locally and even internationally. It breaks my heart seeing and hearing the plight of these people because of misery and that are in dire help. Everything is like a nightmare and unimaginable to happen. What we see in movies came as a reality for us. HELP is the immediate need we can extend for the victims of this catastrophe.

I thought we are already prepared enough on this predicted super typhoon as it has been reported all around the news days before its coming. I thought that the casualties are manageable and minimal. But I realized you can never be totally prepared for anything. There would always be some lapses but at least we can have it prevented. Being complacent was what happened for some because it was just a "storm" and that we were used to having it, some would just say "we can manage it." There is also insufficiency to information, I personally think, to the people as to how this super typhoon would impact. Stating in figures as to how strong "Yolanda" is, I will never understand. Yes, they said it's the strongest to be ever recorded in history but it was not mentally pictured out. However, if it was explained in layman's term, I would think people will fear and will flock on higher grounds. Storm surge literally could be understood. But its effect, I wouldn't know. Natural phenomena is something we should not be taking for granted and consider seriously especially now that the environmental condition is unstable and unpredictable unlike before. The issue on climate change is not a joke and now we are getting its effects. Recycling is a simple and humble step to care for our world. In the long run, it has great positive impact on humanity.

I was kind of disgusted, frustrated, dismayed, disheartened, in disbelief on how the government took the initial steps to make immediate relief to those affected. A lot already questioned the leadership of our President and how slow things are being remedied. I understand very well this is a major challenge for our President and our countrymen as a whole and it's a serious matter. With this scenario, I think, as the leader of this country, he has the authority, the power and the command responsibility to impose certain steps to address the immediate needs of the survivors. Delegate, delegate and delegate to speed up process, Mr. President. I know people will raise eyebrows on me saying this. Because as the leader of this country, I believe you have every means (if not all) to do what is right that's why people are pushing you to do something. How could one still follow protocols, SOP's in the midst of everybody hungry, homeless, orphaned, sick, mournful, hopeless and worst anger. We don't have time to just sit back and relax because it's a life that is at stake now. Every second counts. Big amount of donations are pouring in from all parts of the globe since day 1 of the relief operations. It is overwhelming. But where is it now? People only want for that moment food to eat, water to drink, temporary shelter and a concerning leader for his people. If there's a will, there's a way as the saying goes. A lot of reasons and explanations are being said on why it took longer to deliver these goods to the concerned people but I find it very shallow. Good thing that there are concerned civic organizations or private individuals who go there own way to help. If not, these people would have been dead by now not because of the typhoon but because of hunger and sickness. The relief goods are useless if it is not distributed to the afflicted community right away and it defeats the purpose of these donations.

I hope that God will shower each and everyone of us wisdom, strength, generosity, hope and a humble heart to extend in any help we can give to those affected by the calamity. May our Almighty Father embrace our heavy hearts with love and assurance for a brighter days to come in time for Christmas and in all the days of our lives. Let us be one in this trials and we can rise above it all. To God be the glory!

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