Friday, 15 November 2013

Our Merry Christmas Home Decor

Despite the massive destruction of Yolanda which brought the entire world in mourning, I want to pave way to uplift the Christmas spirit mood to each one. It is not yet the end of the world guys. It is great to know that we are still blessed and alive after that devastating tragedy. There's no reason to be sad for us who were spared off by the weather disturbance. I know, we couldn't help but feel at lost and affected too. But instead of wallowing on what happened, we should reflect and show to them somehow that after the storm, a new beginning and brighter tomorrow is in store for us.

So moving on to a merrier side. I made our home as "Christmas-y" as I could by setting up Christmas garland in our living area. This serves as our own Christmas tree since it will not take so much space from our small area. It's less hassle also when it's time to fix and keep. It's been 3 Christmases that we've used this and so far until now it's still in good shape. I just added and mix up decors to make it something new. For this year, I changed it to LED multi-colored lights that blinks in series. Before it was just a warm single-colored steady lighting. Now, my kids love it because it blinks and it's more colorful.

 photo IMG_20131114_050217_zpsf008cd1b.jpg
Without fluorescent light.

 photo IMG_20131114_050233_zpsd8f6cba6.jpg
Now with fluorescent light.

 photo IMG_20131114_050616_zps7beb29ed.jpg
I put Christmas hats at our bedroom doors instead of the usual stockings.

I've been thinking that maybe it's high time that we put a little Christmas tree. I'm sure the kids would love to look at it and experience having the tree as one of the symbol for Christmas. I'm just doubtful that they may end destroying it by always tinkering it. Well, let us see. I found affordable slim Christmas tree about 5 feet tall at SM Department store for only P500.00. That's really a steal.

Leaving you some thoughts to reflect upon. I came across from my FB newsfeed yesterday about a prophecy for the Philippines. I was moved, delighted and hopeful that God moves in mysterious ways; for ways we cannot explain and fathom. He moves greatly and with all His might for our better tomorrow. See clip below:


  1. I too finished my decorations, we need a little cheer in our lives despite the devastation and we could only do so much help...

    1. That's really true Ms. Vel. It's not the end of the world! By making this Christmas merrier let's be happy as this season begins. We don't have to wallow in sadness because of this tragedy. Instead let's be happy in what is left for us. And celebrate life by being thankful to our Almighty God for such a big blessing! Merry Christmas everyone!


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