Monday, 30 June 2014

Pure Love and Joy

One fine Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege to stay at home and be with these two kulits. If you may notice in my past posts, the Ate (older sister) has the most number of exposure compared to that of the younger one. This is because, the little one can't stand yet posing for a photo resulting to blurred photos and no images at all. All she does is roam around like she doesn't care banging herself on things. Hence, may I present to you the younger sister with her uncanny facial antics. With the power of multiple shots, I was able to capture moments of them, cuddling each other and playing tricks on each other. I had fun taking snap photos of them. And I think I did well looking on this collage of photos.

 photo PhotoGrid_1404113442481_zps6685840e.jpg
Mariella loves Nique and so is Nique to her Ate Mariella.
I am super kilig on the lower right side photo where Nique is burying her Ate Mariella
with kisses. She is under those pillows thus you can't see her. After that, effects are clearly shown.
Hair raising moments.. Oh how I love Thee!

How fast time makes these two creatures grow in love with each other. Me and hubby are always in awe watching them having the fun of their early lives by loving in each other's presence. We couldn't ask for more. God has given us pure love and joy with these two people. I pray that God will give us the wisdom, compassion and love that God has set us to be their parents. We can only give what we have in us,  so I pray for total guidance and a heart and mind that's pure of love, patience, and wisdom.

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