Monday, 16 June 2014

A Father's Day Celebration

How was your Sunday like guys? For sure, yesterday was a truly memorable day to celebrate and honor the day with our fathers. I'm pretty sure you had an extraordinary day too celebrating it like dining out or just simply in the house with all of you complete. As for some Dads who are away from their loved ones, the social media or technology didn't make it too far away, right? Traditionally, my family celebrate special occasions, like Father's Day, by gathering and dine together. There's nothing more grandiose as long as we are complete whether outside or just at home. Normally, we gather at my parental's house. But for this occasion, we chose to dine out and have our lunch at Lyndon's World's Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken along Lanang, Davao City. Why we chose to dine here? Nothing specific really. It just popped out in my mind while rolling my mind where to eat. For a change, me and my sister don't want to feast in the mall where we know it's too crowded and a lot of people flock there especially because of the occasion. Second, we want a little privacy. We have 3 toddlers in tow, so we want a bit of free space where they can run their hearts out without worrying they might get lost and still can enjoy our eating pleasure. Third, we knew the food is great there especially their tender and flavorful pork ribs. Their "worst ribs" slogan is just an attention grabber but it's the exact opposite. Their chicken though is not that awful but the taste is just okay. Nothing worth bragging about unlike their ribs. What we have ordered worth trying is their grilled Vietnamese Lapu-Lapu. Tender and juicy it is. 

After our hearty and satisfying lunch, we headed to SM Lanang Premier to kill time and do our grocery. Indeed, we feast our eyes on those vintage cars displayed in the Atrium. There I saw sleek Porsche and other luxury sports cars. While 'wasting' our time there which we really enjoyed albeit tired because of 3 toddlers running and chasing around, personnel from the mall handed out cookies to the men of the our lives (my father, my gandfather and my hubby). He got this cute cookie treat.

 photo IMG_20140616_125954_zpsbb3480ae.jpg

Truly, you are the best father because you always do your best to provide for us in the best way you know how. You always 'abuse' your hands every weekend tilling the soil while farming for the future of your children and, you always say, for a more comfortable lifestyle later on. I just wish 'Pop' (that's what I call my hubby sometimes) that we are not wishing for a richer life but a simple yet comfortable life with a quality time with you. Thank you for  having the desire to give us the quality of life. We pray that God will bless you good health always. This goes too for my Papa Dodong (my father) and Lolo Gerun (my grandfather). Ate (older sister), me and Rom wish you longer and healthy life ahead so that you will enjoy your grandchildren (the Tres Marias and the only boy, coming soon!). Happy Father's day too, Bro! We are super ka-duper excited for the coming of the only thorn among the roses. Thank God for the 3 (or make it 4) men in my life!

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  1. fatherhood is both a privilege and a responsibility. man's ultimate fulfillment comes when he's able to raise his children up with the proper values, strong character, not necessarily as professionals but more as truly educated persons who can stand on their own and against life's worst trials.


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