Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Mi Amor's Big Feat

Small and simple developments I see from my children are big achievements for me. I can never be prouder as a parent. I knew my 3 year old girl can draw basic shapes already but last night kind of amazed me when she effortlessly draw something from her magic drawing board.

 photo IMG_20140616_203727_zps5b29f318.jpg
Showing off her little masterpiece.

We were watching Blues Clues (Season 3) and I noticed she's scribbling on the board. It's an eyeglass! I exclaimed with glee! I immediately grabbed my phone's camera and captured her holding her instant art work. I can't wait to brag about it! I screen TV shows my kids watch and Blues Clues is one of the shows that I would recommended for kids, toddlers to be specific. I've seen all the episodes from this show's series and true enough it added to my kids learning experience.

Simple as it can be, you gave a bunch of joy to Mama and Papa. Soon enough, when your little sister will be able to handle the pen well, be patient enough to teach her. We are so proud of you Mariella. I will prepare you for your formal education next school year. I'm very much excited seeing you in your school uniform and buy you your school supplies. I can't wait for that moment to arrive when are starting to hone your skills and make it big someday. We are here for your and encourage you to go on and live your dreams.  

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