Monday, 7 July 2014

Sunday Must Be's and Must Have's

Growing up, my siblings and I were made to love Sundays because of the following:


My parents made us experience and value quality time with them. Even if both of them are working, they did not compromise or hinder giving us their children the precious time to be with us. During Sunday, we look forward to eating out after we attend the Holy mass. Then we go to the grocery afterwards which we kids are very much excited going through the food sections. Or, spend weekends with the relatives on the paternal side. Being with the relatives is usually a blast. We didn't miss weekends without going to the beach or be at each respective houses to just gather around. We always have fun with our cousins as we have close age gaps. If time permits, we love to do sleep overs in each others houses and play as long as we want.

Sundays are memory spent with my paternal grandfather and grandmother. Every Sunday, my grandpa goes to the market and buys as Pinoy delicacies like sticky rice (Suman), puto, bibingka and our all-time favorite bitso-bitso. Then my grandma would make a delicious tsokolate made using her baterol. Those are my fond memories why I love Sundays. 

Now that I have a family of my own, being with the kids is very precious to me. I want them to experience my childhood days full of memories being with the family. As much as I can, I stay at home during weekends since weekdays are spent away from them because of work. Saturday is hubby's time in the farm. So we made a pact that Sunday is family day whether we just stay at home or out of the house.

Holy Mass

I miss this very important celebration in my life. I feel guilty of not spending time with my Creator. I feel I'm not fulfilling my duties as a daughter to Him. I know in my heart and God knows that I want to have a complete and constant connection to Him. I know I lacked the spiritual momentum to direct my ways in life. I know I'm not a good mother or a good wife or a good daughter and a good friend. I've always feel empty, missing, been impatient and unforgiving to myself and others. I've always told my husband that we have to make it a point to make time with our Creator so that our children will establish their foundation as a Christian. If we will not be a good example to our faith and role as good Christians, then our children will find it hard to seek God above all things.

Food trip

My weakness is to be able to create sumptuous dish for my family. I'm no novice nor expert in cooking but my heart is full of hope to create delicious food for my family every Sunday. I find at ease to cook or bake for my family during this time because, for one, my family is complete and there's no rush going on since it's a free day. And I also noticed that hubby is happy when I cook something different unlike the rest of the days.

These are simple pleasures I have every Sunday. These are simple ways to make myself happy as well as the whole family. We need not spend a lot but being with the family, sharing good food and a time to relax and be with the Lord are happiness at its finest. Don't you think? 

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