Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Salute to the Graduates... and Parents as well!

Barely days before the so called Graduation month, I wanna say congratulations to all the graduates and special mention to the parents. You see, it's not only the graduate that we'll give our commendation but to the parents who labored all the way until their children finish school. It's not at all easy knowing that tuition hike is an annual thing unlike the salaries of working parents who send their children to school. Salary increase is not annually implemented so it is really hard for an average working parent who make ends meet for a family of 4 or 5. I remember when I was still in school, it is my desire to finish my education so as to give myself not only a bright future but to be able to get a decent job that will help me survive in this urban society I am into. Both my parents are working so I am just lucky that we 3 siblings are sent to a prestigious school with quality education. We may not be rich but my parents prepared us for the real world.

Once my father told us that they can only give the best education for us since they do not have all the material wealth to subdivide to us. We were not spoon-fed as to choosing what path to take but they where there to guide us by helping us create a niche in the field we chose. I am thankful that we are not very rich in money or in property because it drives us to aim for the best and finish school with flying colors. I believe that part of our parents success, achievement and fulfillment is seeing their children getting the diploma of their dreams and making it to the list of the graduating class. Getting their children's ambition is yet another story. It is a bonus after all to be able to see their children succeed in their lifetime endeavor.

So children do not waste your parents effort to send you to school because they are just preparing you for your own future. Even when they are gone, they'd be at peace to know that you can carry on your own. #schooliscool #justsaying


  1. Reads In Between : Kudos to supportive parents who do everything they can for their children's education and to students who value their parent's sacrifices. Keep up the good fight! :)


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