Saturday, 1 February 2014

February is Love and Giving

How fast time flies the second time. I can't stop saying this because it's indeed true like a roller coaster thing. Now it's the Love month and just yesterday we celebrated the Chinese New Year where we welcome the year of the wood horse. Everything just happens in a fast forward pace but still the season of giving is not yet over. We all know that February is the month of Valentine's day wherein we Filipinos celebrate it for the sake of love which really means a lot for us. And I think because we really are loving people, the gesture of celebrating it comes naturally within us. Like the Christmas season, a lot of establishments mostly malls and restaurants decorate its place with hearts and playing love songs in their sound systems. Isn't it heartwarming? Because Love signifies giving, we also think of gifts to give our love ones. Thus, we see vendors selling flowers and stuff to give to the love of our lives which I find really cute and mushy in an endearing way... ;-)

This month excites me because of 3 things. Well first, it's Valentine's day. Me and my hubby makes it a point to have a fancy dinner. It's just a once in a year occasion where we make a deal to dress elegantly and dine NOT just in any budget friendly restaurant. We look for a fine-dining restaurant where we haven't eaten in there yet. Now we changed plans. We planned to have a stay-cation in a hotel just within the city. It's the in thing now and we vow not to bring the kids with us. Just me and him alone. We want to hang around and be in each others arms without the kids getting our undivided attention from each other. It's kind of mushy though but in reality, married couples need this and I believe in that too. My hubby is not very vocal but he really frequently verbalizes it that I don't have time for him anymore. I know he understands because there are 2 kids that needs my utmost attention. But being a wife I should give him what is due for him. True girls? It's the time that we can spend quality time with each other and just recharge and renew away from our everyday routine.

The second thing that looks me forward to this month is our Valentine's day giveaways here in our office. Years back, the owner of the company where I'm working now, who is also my boss, gives chocolates and Valentine's tokens to single ladies. But now, every girl, single or married, gets one. What excites me is I am in charge of planning what to give for every single lady in the office. This part makes it exciting for me since I'll be getting one of it, I search for the best stuff. Months ahead, as early as Christmas season, I'm already dreading on thinking for possible giveaways. Challenging yet fun huh! Everything is all worth it especially if you see the ladies giggling as they receive their presents. Flowers and chocolates are girl's BFF same with diamonds too. Agree!?

To give you a picture of what I received in 2012, see photo below. I got this from Papelmelroti. See their link here. They have great stuff perfect for any occasion giveaways.

 photo IMG_20140130_094821_zps574a4e53.jpg

For this item, we just customized it. We bought wooden clips and glued it at the back of the "Guardian Angel on duty" sign. This serves as a double purpose now. A memo holder cum paperweight. Below, we added the caption "Happy Heart's Day!" to fit the occasion. This is a good way to hone and play one's creativity that's why I enjoy doing this annually. Last year our giveaways were envirosax bags which we got from Daiso and assorted brownies from the Fudge Factory. With the help of my ever crafty and visually gifted officemate, the giveaways makes it more alive, presentable and meaningful. Check out her blog here.

The last reason of my love for this month is my daughter's birth month. I never knew the genuine meaning of love until the birth of my first child. All the more I appreciate the meaning of giving, unconditional love, sacrifice and looking at my kid's needs first than mine are all worth it because my great joy are their happiness and comfort.

How about you? What are your thoughts on #Valentinesday? #love #family #chocolatesandflowers


  1. wow! you really have a lot of things to look forward to this month. sadly, my husband and I stopped having our traditional Valentine's date when he started to work abroad. Advance Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    1. Thank you! Isn't it wonderful to just celebrate Love like celebrate Christmas during December? How wonderful!

  2. here's wishing more love to you, Sis! Happy heart's day!

    1. Same to you sis! Happy Valentine's day too!

  3. WOW!! ang sweet naman ng boss nyo?!?! And yeah, totally agree with you that we need to spend some "alone" time with the hubby. At the end of the day, sila pa din ang makakasama naten pang habang buhay. :) Advance Happy heart's day to you.. :)

  4. WOW! ang sweet ng boss nyo! :) and yeah, totally agree with you, we need to spend some "alone" time with the hubbies. Kasi at the end of the day, sila pa din makakasama naten pang habang buhay! Advance Happy Heart's Day Donna!! :)

  5. you and your colleagues are really creative! thanks for sharing these ideas. Great day!

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