Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hardcore kids

Wait till you read my blog. I don't mean to be harsh because I have toddlers too. The phrase or the word 'hardcore' inspired me to be my write up for today's blog. I saw it in one of my college classmate's Facebook page about her 2 sons conversing in one of their computer games session. The younger one asked her kuya if the two of them are hardcore. And the older brother said, "Yes." Thus prompting the mom to share it in her page.

What is hardcore? According to Wiki, in general term, it is something solid, unbreakable and unshiftable. It could also mean intense.

Men! Are this really the kids in this generation? I bet. How much more in the time of my kids maybe 3 or 5 years from now. Kids these days are out of this world I would say. They must have been pulled out somewhere where they have been programmed. Like for instance, where in this world they get the word "unicorn" at a young age and innocent mind instead of the easier and more familiar term as horse? Though it's correct naman. But you wouldn't expect children as early as this stage to use the word unicorn rather than the word horse diba? That's what #superstarkendra of #teamkramer called Vice Ganda in his show #GandangGabiVice or #GGV last Sunday as they are one of the guests. Both Cheska and Doug, her parents said they didn't teach Kendra that. It was so cute and I was amused of this little girl's candidness and wittiness. She is never timid in answering the questions thrown out by Vice Ganda to her. I am very impressed with kids in this generation in a certain level. Impressed in the sense that they pick up very quickly and is very advance in learning. They get to register fast in their mind the things they encounter and would ask questions right away if not understood. This is good because their curiosity teaches them way ahead and learning on the other hand. But, as a parent now, I find it a bit scary because I wouldn't know if I'm teaching them the right way according to their grasp of understanding things. This generation is too fast forward unlike before. But there's no one to be blamed. This generation is way too different from the baby boomers, Generation X & Y. It could be said that what you learned in your generation is completely obsolete nowadays in a certain way.

This generation is run by finger-working activities. Technology is just one finger touch away and you have all the information you needed and all the pleasure you wanted. Tools and gadgets like cellphones, IPads and the like make it quite easy for younger generation to adapt to these so called things. Of course, these kids are exposed to such materials because parents have it and almost everyone has it. And boy, they are much better than us huh? I've attended Francis Kong's seminar last weekend, and I am thrilled with the information I picked up. The topic though was Culture of Personal Excellence. It's about excellence and striving to be the best in every aspect in your life. It's more on how you manage your self in your workplace and touch down to your own personal core. Everything from self-control and discipline, it does not only apply in your work environment but being a parent as well. With the facts shared, I come to realize how different lifestyle has become before and now. To be able to understand your kids, as a parent you must learn how to understand their present environment too. It doesn't mean that because you were born ahead of them, we are right, we know everything. We know better that is why we should not stop learning too in order to help us guide our children in their present environment.

As parents, our responsibility is broad. Molding a child is molding their personality for their future. Our task is great and so let us make this generation a hardcore in their own right and to save them from future destruction the future society may bring.

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