Friday, 14 February 2014

A Disheartened Mother

The recent news going around the social media particularly in Facebook saddened and broke my heart concerning a missing child. Her name is Keighla Alexa QuiƱanola, 2 years old and found out that we live in the same subdivision. The incident happened just this Monday, February 10, in a mall. Our neighbor relayed to us that the girl is with her mother that time. They were in the cellphone area while her mother is in search of a phone, she let little Keighla sit in a bench or a chair. Then when they were about to get Keighla, she's no where to be found. I am upset about the negligence of the mother. How could she leave a 2-year-old child sit in a chair alone? Why didn't she think if she might fall if unattended? I was talking to my husband last night about this and I was ranting how complacent, irresponsible and careless the mother is. I have children both are girls and I know how kids move at this age. Every second is important and one move might endanger one's life. You now how curious kids are nowadays and how evil people are. Toddlers especially girls are not spared by abuse, molestation and rape. They scared me a lot this days. And fear that their organs are sold for donation. That's why even if I react over way about looking at the kids roaming around especially when we are in the mall, I see to it I won't lose sight of them. As much as possible I keep close to them all the time at arms reach. It's our responsibility as parents to keep our kids safe all the time. It'll bring more stress, anxiousness, sleepless nights, morbid thoughts, blaming on oneself and guilt if unlikely things will happen such as this. An ounce of prevention is better than cure as the saying goes.

As of press time, the police didn't consider kidnapping as a possible reason for the abducted child since there was no ransom being asked by the detaining party. The CCTV of the mall showed that unidentified woman was seen holding the girl and the police also suspect that the woman is not a stranger to the girl since there was no struggling happened. I pray that the girl is in good hands and is safe who ever holds her now. I am affected on this incident because I have a 3 and 1-year old girls. I just couldn't imagine if that would happen to me. I think I'll be insane.

Inday Sara Duterte on her Facebook via the instagram is giving a P50,000.00 reward whoever finds little Keighla. Call or text at number 09206312222. Or to her mother's contact number, Meliza QuiƱanola at 09434431717. Please let us include in our prayers the safety of the kid and the she'll be rescued right away. 

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From Inday Sara Duterte FB page

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