Monday, 24 February 2014

Amazing February!

The Love month is about to bid as farewell in 5 days. Honestly, I love how time flies so fast because of a long time dream my hubby is planning for the two of us. Anyway, we are still praying and wishing for that this year to happen. And my hubby is positive about it! Well, let's see... So much about this month that I feel so much blessed and loved because of the so many things that happened and still about to take place. Indeed the Love month didn't fail. And as always, it brought so much special events that is meaningful and extra special next to the Yuletide Season.

 photo IMG_20140214_111128_zpsfd4143eb.jpg  photo IMG_20140214_111331_zps876f2552.jpg  photo IMG_20140214_111155_zpscd4f6008.jpg
These are the Valentine giveaways which I told you guys that kept me busy after the holidays. I'm glad that the girls loved the treats. (Cappuccino bars, tea bags, my zodiac sign mug and a rose)

 photo IMG_20140214_184751_zps756987ba.jpg
After which, we had dinner with my hubby and went out for coffee afterwards.
I didn't get flowers and chocolates or a special gift from him,
but time spent is more than any material thing can give.

 photo IMG_20140214_135803_zps44bb77bd.jpg
These are surprise treats given to me from special people.
Not in the picture are cupcake goodies given by a friend.

 photo IMG_19934048959907_zps010db40b.jpeg  photo IMG_19394936550590_zps0799de37.jpeg
We attended a Christening from an officemate who is a proud granny.
What a wonderful month to welcome a new member in the Christian world. 

 photo IMG_20142861509765_zpsf02500ca.jpeg
Next, these two cousins are celebrating their birthdays, 2 days apart from each other.
They turned 3.
(Flashback: I gave birth 2 days before my older sister. Parang pinlano na sabay kaming magbuntis.
Amazing! The room that I occupied was the same room my sister occupied too after giving birth. Good thing because my baby was extended in the nursery due to Jaundice so I was able to stay in the same room with my sister with no additional charge from the hospital, hehehe...)

 photo IMG_4651852269971_zpsad49c6cc.jpeg  photo IMG_20466039607169_zpsa2ed99cf.jpeg
These are the separate celebrations we had for the birthday girls.

Tomorrow is another birthday (children's) party we'll be attending to be held at Jollibee. I love children parties now as I appreciate it even more when I already have my own kids. I enjoy seeing my kids happy. And come Friday is another birthday celebration to be hosted by my boss. See? February for me is all about merry-making and fun. How about you guys, how did you spend your love affair with February? #februaryislove

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