Monday, 22 September 2014

Four in a Row + 1 Free and more

I must have done something really good to have all the blessings poured out to me. Ever since, as I always say, I am not lucky joining in raffles, contests or giveaways. But I was hopeful. I do believe that there is a right time for everything. We'll never know. You can't have it today. But who knows what tomorrow may bring. And that is happening to me since I first won a raffle prize last December of 2011 and became full blown last year. Good things comes to those who patiently wait indeed. The past few weeks had been full of beautiful surprises. But for this post, I'll be sharing my happiness to you of how lucky I am to have won 3 blog giveaways in a just one week and another one came in this morning as I opened my email. 

For my first winning, I got this beautiful package of Pond's product line of BB creams. It's from the blog giveaway of Ms. Rowena Lei of Animetric's World as seen here. I am super overwhelmed because I am a Pond's user of their Age miracle day cream and their facial wash. I love how it makes my skin supple and glowing. As what I have said in my winning entry, that it gives radiance to my skin while it nourishes from within. I really love the effect in and on my skin. It really does a lot of wonders. Though I haven't tried yet their BB creams, for sure it will have the same effect on me.

 photo IMG_20140922_140329_zps84a2b3b8.jpg

 photo IMG_20140922_140533_zps71320659.jpg

 photo IMG_20140922_150124_zps2ae94861.jpg
The vanity mirror is a plus for me because the one that
I have in my desk gave way already and to think it's not mine.
I was guilty pa because it's my officemate mirror.

 photo IMG_20140922_141511_zps5894bb81.jpg
Okay, this one is a bonus winning I got from Ms. Lei herself.
I can't be more happier. I've been longing to buy K-Palette.
And now I have it for free. No sweat for me and my pocket!

These stuff are silently adding up to my wish list including the second winning I got from a doctor blogger (which i will have a separate post on), 2 food giveaways in which I won a cake (which I was disqualified because I'm not a resident of Metro Manila) and a perishable food (which I was still negotiating or requesting the host that I'll be able to get it on November pa) and the free one was a bag of Unilever products from a kind hearted person. All of them came in just in time and even more than I ever expected. Even if I didn't get the cake prize but still I am thankful that I was chosen as the lucky winner. Maybe a more qualified person needs that more than I needed it. I am still crossing fingers and hoping for more winnings in blogs and non-blog giveaways in the future. I hope this would not jinx everything but will put on good vibes all the more.

So to you dear readers, I will encourage you to join in blog giveaways. Who knows, your time will come.


  1. Wow! You're so lucky, ha?!
    Will you do a review of the K-palette eyebrow thingie? I wanna try it kasi, but I want to be sure na okay sya. Most kasi ng reviews eh from all-out beauty bloggers.

    1. yay! will definitely make a review on that Ms. Ellen..

  2. Hi dear I Got a new GIVEAWAY on my blog. win A little Black dress hope you will join =)

  3. I can relate to this post. I've never been so lucky as well. But there's this one blog that I love where I won three giveaways straight! Hah! First, I won a P500 GC for a newly opened restaurant+bar. Second, is a Happy Plus Card. Third, is a pass to Mario Maurer and Baifern's show in Ayala Cebu for Penshoppe! All these were won from iLuvcebu! Haha! Truly, good things come to those who wait!

    Congratulations to you too! Hope we win more! Haha!

    Janine |

  4. Sounds really good. Congratulations for winning! Lovely to meet you.


  5. mmm..can't wait for my london trip here in your blog excited

  6. NICE :)


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