Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Watch What You Eat

Recently, I've been hearing news of people who had experienced mild stroke; people that I knew personally and to my shock, a young celebrity who was hospitalized due to mild stroke (Paolo Ballesteros. Familiar? he even IG'ed it.). Another case is instant death which I blogged about it here. Their case perhaps are not known to them maybe because of complacency and denial. Most of us has the tendency to shrug off strange feeling in our body since it is still bearable that's why the thought of medical check-up is out of consideration. It is scary and worrisome that people who experience this kind of illness are getting it at a young age nowadays.

Just today, I experienced a 'tired' body feeling especially in the nape part and a few days ago my head aches. Though it is bearable since the past few days I am sleep-deprived. I knew I am tired that's why my head and body aches. It happens when I can't sleep at least straight 6 hours at night. Or if I tend to stress myself thinking on something that bugs me. Who does not eh? Every time I feel this, I sort to full body massage which relieves me after. High blood pressure did not come to mind since I am not hypertensive and we have annual medical examination offered in our office where I am employed. Every year results are okay and no need for me to worry. Though I always have findings in my urine since I have history in UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). It is not that alarming though but I am advised to drink 'healthy' fluids more.

I just thought of submitting myself to check my blood pressure this morning from our stationed office nurse. Lo and behold! First time my blood pressure read as 130/90. Who can't be alarmed with that?! The second reading after lunch, it rose to 140/90. Without second thoughts, I went to an IM (Internal Medicine) specialist immediately. When the doctor took my blood pressure reading, it rose to 150/90. Honestly, when I first knew of my initial reading, it scared and worried me already. My office mate nurse told me to just relax and for me not to worry because all the more it will trigger high BP reading. The doctor told me to have a complete rest/sleep, to not stress too much (which I am guilty of), avoid eating oily and salty food. He added too that too much exposure in front of the computer can also trigger high blood pressure. I haven't asked why but maybe because I told him I felt a bit my-world-is-spinning (in Filipino, hilo... ano nga ba yan in English?).

So there, I must change my daily routine like add up exercise and eating fish, vegetables and fruits more. Though pork for me I can easily get away with it since I can live without it. Lechon doesn't make me crave for it. So I may get rid of it for a while until I'm back in a healthy state. Let's stay fit, healthy in mind and body folks!


  1. Agree with everything you said here! :) Good luck on your healthy journey!

  2. You can probably try drinking green smoothies. It's an effective and easy way to get the fresh fruits and veggies you need everyday. There are tons of recipes on the internet. I started doing that 6 months ago, and I'm proud to say that I no longer take vitamins, and that I haven't gotten sick since.

  3. I also feel the same way. I think age is catching up with me. :) hahaha! Good luck on your journey to better health!


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