Friday, 14 November 2014

London Diaries 2014 (Part 1): Away From Home

Hey yah! I'm back. Sleeping blog it is. Not a pretty site. But while in that absence, I've been to and done something worth experiencing. I am not a traveler, but by heart, who wouldn't want to? I admit that I have fear of heights and flying by plane gives me panic attacks all the time. A 15-hour plane ride is no joke, gruesome and it's like eternity for me! But I've come to terms with myself while in the plane. The constant mind conditioning made my 15-hour journey worth the challenge. The idea of thirty-four-days-in-London was all I needed to fight back that anxiety and fear. 

As of writing, I am back to reality. Me and hubby are still recuperating that jet lag. Blame it on the 8-hour time difference here and in the United Kingdom. But nevertheless, the fun-filled memories we had in our London trip is still fresh and keeps us up in our momentum daily while chit chatting with our friends and family our wonderful experience. It is a different world out there that I will forever cherish. 

With all the photos we have taken, it's very difficult to know where to start. But for this post (and several more to come), I intended this as a diary from day 1 and to our everyday life while in London. Hope you guys enjoy some photos that I'll be sharing.

Warning: photo bombarded blog post ahead…

 photo IMG_20141004_035929_zpse975f002.jpg
We chose Philippine Airlines as it flies straight to London's Heathrow
Airport from Manila Terminal 2 airport. but for 15-something hours. Quite tiring!
Others prefer to have stop-over let's say in the Mid East to somewhat stretch
those lax body muscles.

 photo IMG_20141004_064918_zps7f2794d7.jpg
This is the inside of PAL plane. I like the service of their cabin crew.
Very warm, accommodating, friendly not to mention beautiful ladies.

 photo IMG_20141004_081048_zps985b1e26.jpg
One of our 2-full meal course in the plane. Their food is delicious
and fine. For a petite frame like me, it's quite generous.

 photo IMG_20141004_081057_zps3cc8c26a.jpg
One of our 2-full meal course. There is also a 2-snacks course which
I forgot to take photos of. Their drinks have wide selections as you can
just ask anytime you want.

 photo DSCN1805_zpsedbe6324.jpg
A sight of London.

 photo DSCN1847copy_zps2ef2e9f8.jpg
Our neighborhood where we stayed. I am amazed of London's
building structure. It's very fascinating to see brick-made

 photo DSCN1848copy_zpse15f3f09.jpg
Inside the neighborhood. Most of the residences looks like this.
However there are also landed ones but generally all are made in bricks.
Those two are my constant companions roaming the city of London,
my nephew on the left and my hubby on the right.

 photo IMG_20141006_145609copy_zps0b91e799.jpg
This is the next day after our arrival. Heading to the park
for these two boys wanting a basketball one-on-one.

 photo IMG_20141006_145800copy_zps681e9aa9.jpg
Entrance leading to the park. At this time, I'm freezing.
It's so cold especially it's early in the morning.

 photo DSCN1806copy_zps12a47ecb.jpg
Upon reaching the park, this is my view while waiting for them to finish playing
basketball. It's so relaxing and refreshing to see this view.

 photo DSCN1811copy_zps074975ce.jpg
Roaming around the city, we choose to ride the bus if not walking.
We love seating at the top deck to see the full view of London.

 photo DSCN1808copy_zps073e397a.jpg
Each bus stop has a sign like this. Those are bus numbers that pass this
street. You can never get lost as the bus stops has legend route maps
which I haven't took photos of.

 photo IMG_0102_zpsfbe84bb9.jpg
Behind my BIL and hubby is a passing bus. That's how double decker bus
looks like. Oh, that's the Big Ben (will let you see later on my upcoming posts
the tourists spots we visited).

 photo 10676291_10152348026525686_3238907949272418403_n_zps9e0a6481.jpg
Another mode of transportation in London is their tube/train/tram as what their
terms are. This is one of their busiest station, Liverpool Street. On the screen are
schedules of the timings of the train arrivals and departures.

 photo DSCN2022_zps93b61464.jpg
This is the King's Cross Train Station where I'll show you later on the Platform
where Harry Potter scene was shot. Those machines are where you tap your
Oyster card or tickets which serves as payment for the ride. Oyster cards
are used to pay for all the rides in the city. 

 photo 10473780_10152348026875686_3887870082482554188_n_zpscfce8bd5.jpg
A view of where the trains are passing. In here, we are waiting
for our train to arrive.

 photo 10446267_10152386063370686_4670246813775701530_o_zps4a2c7314.jpg
This is the inside of a tram (a kind of train also).

 photo 10661850_10152386084085686_1784977534789402053_o_zps6abc2bb7.jpg
Cycles. If you want to have adventure, bicycles are for hire. There's a machine
here where you can drop your coins for renting this. No need for you to go back
here in case you're done using it. There are lots of like this in the city, so you can
just return it anywhere where there is a post of this.

 photo 1232988_10152386089000686_7038260252622790673_o_zps933e9570.jpg

 photo DSCN1845copy_zps57fb15f6.jpg
Black cabs.

 photo DSCN1902copy_zps22e4034b.jpg

 photo DSCN1903copy_zpsa18d2415.jpg
Worry not. If you're a tourist here, you can never get lost as maps are
very convenient for you in their sidewalks.

 photo IMG_0107_zps8cc14332.jpg
Most of the telephone booths here don't have telephones anymore.
It mainly serves as a tourist attraction where London is known. 

 photo 1622287_10152359367390686_2543704585975539102_o_zps1539cb64.jpg
Being away from home, these two are the ones we terribly miss. Everyday 
Skype-ing is what keeps as in touch. This is our everyday communication
so that it doesn't feel like away from home.

So, this is just my initial London tour-sharing with you guys. Stay tuned in my upcoming London diaries 2014. I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Wow, London. Someday, someday...The black cab reminded me of Sherlock. Haha.

    1. We visited the Great Detective too Ms. Devi. Will post it up soon

  2. Wow! It's so nice that you've been to London already! I will wait for your coming posts. Ang sarap siguro dyan! :)

    1. Super sarap to the maximum level talaga Ms. Kristine. Words and photos are not enough to show London's grandeur. It's so amazing! I'm always in awe..

  3. Wow, it's my dream to go to London! I'm sure you had an amazing time! So glad to hear from you and read your experience. :)

    1. My photos are not even 1/3 of all the sights and experience I had. There's more to come. It's so hard to select photos. It's so overwhelming. Will post more soon. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Rea

  4. yey..can't wait to read your other post soon

    1. oo nga gurl! pressured naman..ang hirap mamili ng photos.. but surely will post more...

  5. Oh, kaya ka pala wala...
    Nice photos!

    1. yah! kaya ako absent,,hehehe… Kulang pa photos Ms. Ellen.. ang hirap mamili hanggang sa tinatamad na ako mka post ng other topic related to my travel,,hehehe

  6. More London stories please! =) This is eternally in my travel list, I hope AJ and I will get to visit it someday =)

    1. Oo nga Ms. Leah! I know I owe a lot of photos… Ang hirap mamili… I'm very sure mag enjoy kayo doon. Lalo na ikaw na sobrang mahal mo na ang London.. I bet next to Philippines,,ehehehe

  7. Madam, madali lang ba kumuha ng UK Visa?

    1. In our case, madali lang kasi my-in laws are already British citizens and already establish there. My brother's family are there too but still working visa but at least it adds points. For us, we got our visa in a week lang. I don't know what'll be the case if we don't have family members there and only friends lang cause one of the requirements is letter of invitation from somebody we know that's already there.


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