Thursday, 17 July 2014

Selling Online: Accessories thru

Girls never tire reinventing oneself by way of accessorizing, isn't it? You can be glamorous already with just a plain and ordinary shirt and a pair of jeans when worn with fashion neck pieces to boot. It really do wonders in your over-all get-up.

I have been fond of these accessories too. I can say I've hoarded too much of these to the extent that I wore it only at most thrice or even haven't worn some. I was so overwhelmed with the stylishness of the neck piece itself. I considered it as my precious collection over wearing it. But I am letting it go and decided it to be sold instead.

 photo PhotoGrid_1405475211308_zps21d698f7.jpg
Some of my precious neck piece collection.

It took time for me to decide to sell it because for one, I love the stylish designs that I got. They are really nice ensemble to a woman's wardrobe. But then, I'm giving injustice to these pieces because I'm hardly wearing it and just hide it in my closet. I know these are beautiful accessories that a girl must wear. It's all safely kept in my closet and sayang  lang na hindi sya na e-expose sa madlang eyes. So it should go (though I have kept some because it's hard to let go).

I posted it in my online site at I know about this site because of some mommy bloggers I follow (SoMom) who advertise to this site and sell also their unused stuff which can still be used. So I gave in. Please do visit my online site cheekeegirl8 at I'll be posting soon my other shoes I bought which I hardly used mentioning Charles and Keith brands. If you want to sell also your stuff, register to  

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  1. I also would like to try online selling too! I love the accessories you have. I am fond of white shirt and jeans and a perfect accessory makes all the difference.


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