Friday, 11 July 2014

My Family Matters

It's been a long and winding road, trudging through the uphills and downhills on the crossroads of life, yet and still, I surpassed some and emerged complete (safe to say) in an imperfect world.

What I'm trying to say is, with all the odds in my life since my single-hood until I got married and had children, one thing that keeps me on my feet is my family (before and now that I have my own). I feel that I have been blessed hundredfold seeing our two kids God has bestowed upon us. Everyday, my husband keeps on saying that he loves seeing our kids in the peak of their simple joys and just the mere presence of them makes life worth the wait. I certainly agree on his sentiments. It is so amazing to see the other half of us, cut from our own flesh and blood like Adam to Eve. I fully understand now how a parent would feel and becomes selfless instantly when it comes to giving the best for their children. Every pain they experience, we want to take it from them and wished it's just us. Every now and then, looking back, how I wished that I had a child earlier. At 35, I am imagining that me and my daughters are doing already things together like strolling around, making crafts together or enjoying dressing up. For now, I'll just wait maybe 3 more years and by that time they'll fully grasp on matters and that they'll understand things easily.

The reason actually of making this post is showing to you our most recent family photo and the first ever we had. I had it also improvised its presentation so as to put in my office desk. I just had to share to you my happiness, my Alpha and Omega, and that is my family.

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