Monday, 28 July 2014

Superb Buy @ Payless

I'm one happy momma. Being a thrift and meticulous buyer now (from being an impulsive one), I am quite careful now in buying stuff not only for myself but also for the kids. The cheaper, the better. But of course, I won't sacrifice its quality. It has to be of good craftsmanship and a known and tested brand for its quality. Yesterday, after our family took lunch, I told hubby that I pass by Payless (in SM City Davao-Annex). While browsing on the shelves of the kid's area, I found a very good deal (a steal at that!). A P100.00-peso shoe ala-Toms style. I was jumping with joy (inside) and hurriedly told my hubby to buy that for Mariella. It's now or never. It's the only size and stock left so I presumed they had it on sale to dispose it na.    

 photo IMG_20140727_154412_zps6be93788.jpg
Never mind the dirt. My daughter accidentally stepped on it.
It is still in very good condition. Very new. No DIRT and any flaws found.

 photo IMG_20140727_154552_zpsa61f823e.jpg
Its regular price is P695.00. Who wouldn't take it for nothing?

I was browsing the racks finding a pair for my the youngest one. But to no avail. Payless Shoe Source is currently holding its Sale season. I saw a Mary Jane style shoe for Mariella that cost only less than P400.00. It was also a good buy. Might as well go back after the pay day...


  1. Whew! What a steal nga Donna!! =) For sure ninenerbyos ka pa nyan nung nakita mo, hahaha! =)

    1. I really did double check.. can't believe the red tag price kasi,,hehehe.. too nervous because of excitement kamo....hehehe

  2. That's quite a steal!
    I really like Payless, and di ako makalabas ng store ng walang nabibili. Lagi pa silang may promo.

    1. Hi Ms. Ellen! wow naman! thanks for dropping by my blog. what an honor... true! kaya as much as possible i try to avoid payless kasi nakaka inggit ang mga shoes nila


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