Friday, 21 March 2014

It's Friday and I'm Ready to Rumble

I hope it's not gonna rain hard today as predicted here because of a Big and explosive event that's gonna happen tonight. I'm ready to rumble and have fun for fitness and health sake. Well, the fitness program that was spearheaded by selected employees here in our office turns 1. It doesn't cater to employees alone but to all who want to strut their stuff in the Zumba way! It's open to public. That's how I realized how Zumba got the attention of women and men alike as better alternative than just heading to the gym and lift all sorts of metal. It doesn't just give you the fulfillment by exercising your body parts but it gives you the happy hormones because you're having fun. Yes, today marks the 1st anniversary celebration of our Aero-Zumba fitness. We're having a 2-hour Zumbafest!

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I have prepared for this by joining 2 days straight Zumba sessions for me not to have body aches after. It will be my first Zumba marathon experience shall I say. I'm quite excited and wondering what will happen on the Zumba party itself. 

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My shoe trainers are ready, I'm going to kick off my butt and I'll sweat it out. It's a thank God it's Friday indeed! #zumbalove #paininvain #healthandfitness #zumbaparty2014


  1. Your shoooeeees are to die for!

    1. I know!! thanks.. I love the comfort it brings to my feet especially if in activity doing Zumba

  2. Aww, I'd love to do this! I haven't really gotten a chance to join any fitness activity. I heard from other people too that this is fun. :)

  3. You should rea. it's really fun! plus you get to achieve a fit body


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