Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I wouldn't know that there's such a Korean-age and International age until our summer kick-off last Saturday took place.

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We went to Costa Marina Beach Resort in Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS). It's about 10 minutes boat ride from Sasa, Davao City. It's the same boat dock when you go to Paradise Island Beach Resort. Boat fare is 15.00 pesos each including a 1 year old child. We chose Costa because we want a more private and peaceful environment and a cheaper entrance fee unlike Paradise who charges a hefty 250.00 pesos. Anyway, on our way there it was quite gloomy and showered a little. But it didn't hamper a smooth sailing ride and our wanting to reach the place. We arrived there past 7 in the morning. The kids enjoyed more playing with the sand rather than dipping in the water. The water is actually cold. It's not inviting even if the water is clear and clean. A little later, beach bummers slowly came in. And one particular group caught our attention were a group of Koreans (exchange/English students) invading the resort. They were actually noisy like us Filipinos. But they are extra noisy conveying they are having much fun. Their fun didn't stop until we bade goodbye around 2 in the afternoon. 

The Koreans make use of their time by dipping in the water once they arrived. After which the waters disappeared and left a view of a sprawling wet sand. Then the Koreans joined the kids in building sand castle. They were afraid of them and made fun of the beach ball and the beach paraphernalia's we brought. My parents who were with us too started out conversation with them and what came out was quite amusing. We joined them and one particular Korean guy is so friendly and kept giggling on our kids. Kept saying, "Oh, you're cute!". I find them really amusing. He kept the conversation very light and informative for us Filipinos. He is a law student and after 2 months he'll fly to Australia to take his internship. He's a cute guy also (hihihi)... But I didn't have the time to take a picture of him because my phone went dead. After a series of exchanging words, we asked him how old he is. Then he said that in Korea, he is 24 years old and his International age is 26 years old. We were startled for a few seconds internalizing what he said and told him how is that. Then he explained that in Korea, during the time of conception your age counts already. By the time, you are born, it counts as 1 year old. And then in New Year which is January 1st, another year adds to your age. Your age there is added every year and not on your birthdate. So by January 1, all Koreans celebrate their 'happy birthday' here on earth and not during the birthdate they were born. And when your birthdate comes, you still have the same age. Isn't it surprising? I don't know about you, but it's the first time I heard of it. There's even a calculate your Korean age method. See here. #korean-age #international-age #summergetaway #samalbeach


  1. that was a very endearing occasion, an exclusive family affair by the beach under the serene cloudy skies. ours was the first group to arrive on that day. and so for the first hours, the whole area was all ours to enjoy! the water was calm and high but moderately cold with the early morning showers. and so the 3 kids contented themselves frolicking around and playing with the sand, which they so seldom do. and so early in their tender years, they were exposed to the "sight and sounds" of visiting young Korean students, who gamely joked around with the curious but jittery kids! the food we brought were all mouth-watering with more than enough to spare. what a day!

  2. Lovely kids! Nothing like summer for children. Thanks for dropping by my blog!
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  3. I am excited, seeing the children seem happy to play

  4. We had Korean missionaries back in college & that's when I found out about the age thing. I agree that it's amusing to know how different our cultures are.. :)


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