Friday, 14 March 2014

Summer Kick-off

What better way to enjoy summer is hitting the sand, the beach, and the sun. Reunions and just gathering with loved ones make it extra special because almost everybody is complete because school is off. Tomorrow, we'll hit the beach. We've been planning that for a very long time already. And because of lined up commitments one after the other, it wasn't possible. To make it more exciting, Monday (March 17) is declared a special non-working holiday for us here in Davao City. It's gonna be the 77th Araw ng Dabaw celebration. There are lots of activities lined up here and here for locals and tourists to enjoy. Of course, fruits are bountiful like the famous durian, marang, mangosteen and more. So, long holiday for us Davaoenos. Enjoy and Madayaw Davao! #mallwidesale #davaocity #arawngdavao2014

What's your summer 2014 escapade be? Thank God it's Friday. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Summer is really here. I miss the beach, hope you could post beach pics. I have never been to Davao. One day I hope to visit Davao :)


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