Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Gift 2013: Mothercare

Now that I became a mom, I'm more tempted to buy stuff for my little ones rather than for myself. Even if I have to badly update my current wardrobe for a long time already, I always end up buying for my kids. Maybe, I've come to be a mature buyer and the mother in me exceeds more than anything else. When it comes to looking stuff for my kids my go to stores are in SM malls and Mothercare. I love the selection of clothes from SM not only for my girls but they have my sizes too. That's the advantage of having a petite frame. Last Tuesday, I visited the Ayala Abreeza mall branch of Mothercare and got this pair for my little girl. What I love about Mothercare is that their SALE is all year round. It doesn't need to have special events in order for this heavenly store to have discounts on their items.

 photo IMG_20131218_142850_zps87fc967e.jpg
A size 10 for my almost 3 year old daughter. Sorry for a dirty image.
Blame it on my cellphone camera's pixels and poor lighting.

 photo IMG_20131218_142900_zpsae26df64.jpg
I love the rugged style. It's like a converse. The soles are really good.

 photo IMG_20131218_142636_zps530e742b.jpg
You might wonder why a got a blue color for my daughter. Why not? It's the only stock left so I grabbed without second thoughts. You would really not pass this because it is just P300.00 pesos from the original price of P999.00 pesos.

 photo IMG_20131218_142613_zps12ed3049.jpg

I also got a 2-piece shorts for 5-7 year old boy for only P300.00 pesos from the original price of P799.00. Such a steal! #mothercare #smmalls #kidsfashion


  1. What?! Ang mura! And so cute! I've never bought anything from Mothercare pa because I'm afraid baka masyadong mahal hahaha. Now I'm excited to see if anything's on sale on Sunday!

  2. ganyan na nga mga nanay.. anak lagi ang una.. Last trip to Davao, I bought Liam total of 7 tops.. from Mossimo and Cotton On.. Ang mura sa mossimo 280 and 380 nlng mga shirts nila.. :)
    anyway, Happy new year Donna, sana pumasok tong comment ko.. hehehe

  3. happy new year to you and your family! God bless. :)


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