Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bazaar, Sales & Me

Being silent for a week here doesn't make me one happy person. It feels like I've been out of this world for like months and have not been informed of what's the latest. I feel the rants of fellow bloggers after endless apologies of not being able to write for how many days. Now, that's how it felt.

So what I am up to for the past week? Well, I've been busy with work-related concerns. Now that Christmas draws near, I am also in the mood for shopping for gifts to give. A lot of SALE and discounts happening in every malls here in the city not to include bazaars that I went up to. Not to mention that some malls have 2 day midnight sales and it's quite a festive city for these past few days now. Last weekend, I went to a Christmas bazaar held in Davao Convention Center. I saw a lot of great stuffs and end up buying some. I bought a blouse, leggings and espadrilles for myself which cost me P500.00 pesos only. I bought my daughter a blouse and leggings too equivalent to P180.00 pesos and both are imported brands which still has tag. I also bought gifts for my loved ones all at reasonably priced items. These stuffs I bought are not cheap in materials. But they are sturdy and of good quality. I love bazaars especially this particular Christmas bazaar which is usually held every last week of November. I can see all finds that department stores sell in a much higher cost. Or we can't even see in stores locally. Some are imported brands that cost less.

I also went to Gaisano Grand Toril last Sunday with my family. Before we went for grocery, we headed first to their department store. We saw lots of great gift ideas that are affordable but of good quality. We love it there since it's not very crowded and its like we lazily shop there. No pressure as we don't have to fall in line for long as cashiers are catering to a few customers only. I'm planning to go back there to buy more. I'm not yet done shopping (tehee!). It's great to shop for others and what's more interesting is I got to scout for good gift ideas even if I don't have enough cash yet. At least I know where to go as soon as I have the money. I also heard that Gaisano Mall in Toril has great selection of finds also in their department store. There are a lot of sale items in good condition. Sadly, we weren't able to go there due to some feedback that it is still dusty and the paint is still smelly which I think is not good for my kids. The building is still undergoing construction and the only open stores at the moment is their supermarket and department stores. We are looking forward to the opening of more stores in the mall as what my officemate said, the place is big and "sosyal". It has its own "walkator" similar to that of SM Lanang Premier. Hence, we are scheduling to visit there a couple of days more.

I love that malls are sprouting near our area and we don't have to go too far just to be able to leisurely spend time in malls. I love going to malls and my hubby can attest to that. #shopping #malls #bazaaar


  1. One thing I love about bazaars is the chance to see entrepreneurs who have all the potential to succeed in the industry. They are most of the time hindered by expensive rents and places to showcase their products. But with bazaars, we are given an exclusive treat to fresh ideas and new products.. at a very low cost pa :)

  2. I totally agree with you Diane! And the best part is that some sellers are selling stuff new to the market and it really is interesting to see new things at an introductory rates


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