Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Modern Lighting at Home

A homeowner with a dining room featuring modern décor likely wants the lighting to play an important role in the appearance of the space. That's why many homeowners choose contemporary light fixtures for their dining rooms. One example of this sort of lighting comes in the form of pendant lights. Here are a few examples of how homeowners use pendant lights in their dining rooms.

Some homeowners like the look of pendant lighting above their dining room table. A pendant light that features a bell shape is one idea for a homeowner's dining room. Two or three of these pendant lights would give a long dining room table a tremendous amount of light. 

 photo pendantlightmultiple2_zpse26b32e9.jpg 

 photo pendantlightmultiple1_zpsfa36fa8f.jpg
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Alternatively, a single pendant light would be enough to illuminate a smaller dining room table. A pendant light above a dining room table would highlight the attractive appearance of any meal that a host puts out for guests.

 photo pendantlightsingle_zps340f978b.jpg

 photo pendant-dining-room-light-481_zpsae312a02.jpg
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Homeowners often choose to install pendant lighting above a buffet table that is sitting on one side of a dining room. A host may use this table to help in the serving process. For instance, some hosts enjoy taking each guest's plate and filling it with the different foods that he or she has prepared. This way, the guests can remain seated. Pendant lights above a side table in a dining room can illuminate all of the dishes and make the silverware sparkle! A homeowner who hosts lots of dinners would likely appreciate pendant lighting above a dining room's side table.

 photo Orignal-Western-BBQ-Wedding-Shower_buffet-table2_4x3_lg_zps645450fe.jpg
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