Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas Holidays 2013 and the New Year 2014

This has been the longest I have not aired anything in my blog. It's been disappointing to me because my page rank moved down to 1 from the previous 2. But nevertheless the holidays brought so much joy, realizations and a breath of hope for the coming year to me that is fulfilling and incomparable. It's been a roller coaster ride for me and everything in that span of 2 weeks it's like I was pressed fast forward that at the end of the day it is just too tiring yet fulfilled looking back my activities for the day. For one, both my helpers at home were in holidays too. We decided to let them go and celebrate the holidays with their loved ones back in their respective province. Most of the people would say why we allowed it. It would be too difficult in our part because of manning the kids. Who would help us take care of them and doing the household chores. If I think of it, it's not a good idea really because it's physically and emotionally draining. But somehow, a part of me and that I was accustomed to growing up, being with the family at Christmas and the New Year is the best time to be with the loved ones. I grew up loving the holidays because it's merry-making and reunion time with my family and relatives especially that some of my relatives are living outside Davao City and it's always the season I am looking forward to coming until now that I have my own children to enjoy the joy I experienced. I want my helpers to experience the same thing because they are still young and we don't want to deprive the same happy feeling even if their own families has different stories to tell; for one they have broken families. They celebrate Christmas with their families with their relatives. And second, it's the only time of the year they get to go home except if there are emergencies back home. I got so many stories to tell about their holidays which they share with us when they got back from their long vacation. From their stories, I realized I feel blessed to have a complete family even if it is not perfect. I feel lucky that my parents let us experience the best holiday celebration materially, emotionally and spiritually. I feel blessed because we are able to buy the stuff we need and want. I feel blessed because my family is in good shape. I feel blessed and fulfilled because spending every single day with my children is worth the time despite being tired of looking after them. It is at that moment where I got to enjoy fully my kids and no mama is going to work. That is what my almost 3 year old daughter told me, mama office? And most importantly, I feel blessed because I am able to give back to others the blessings that I receive for the year it was. Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, thanksgiving and being with the company of loved ones.

For this new year, I am hoping for more positive and good things to happen than the negative or bad ones. I still pray and wish for goodness of health especially that at the beginning of this new year, my two kids are down with flu and fever. I still wish the two of them well. They are under medication now and hopefully the fever they are getting is due to flu and not because of anything worst like dengue. Third, I pray and wish for prosperity. Fourth, I pray and wish that God will protect my marriage and my family from harm and bad elements. Fifth, may we continue having good friendships and find new ones like what happened to me and @mommyjuvs. She's a warm person not to mention she is really beautiful in the outside. I'll make another post for our first time meet-up. I'll look forward for your coming back here hopefully with your family. And lastly, I pray and wish for a good year for my blog, whatever it will be.

I wish and pray the same things to you my fellow bloggers. Let's get some good kick as we enter this year 2014. May this year will be another reason to be thankful for. #goodvibes #happynewyear2014 #Godblessus


  1. Hi Donna! Nice to know that you're back to blogging. Happy New Year!

    1. It's great to be back indeed! Thank you po for dropping by! It's my honor.. Happy New Year as well...

  2. Replies
    1. Your favorite tableya is waiting for you dear!

  3. Ahhhw.. i hope the girls are ok na, panget talga panahon now no?? Liam also just got well.
    Btw, I just posted our pic in my blog. hehehe..


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